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Standard Laminants

With hundreds of designs to choose from, including woodgrains, abstracts, and solids, you’re certain to find the perfect solution for all of your project needs.

Our laminate designs are available with a number of premium finish options, too. From traditional matte and glossy finishes to abstract textures, you can create a custom look for every surface.

Specialty Laminates

High-performance laminate options make our test surface solutions a versatile choice for any commercial project.

When you need a surface that is resistant to chemicals, heavy traffic, or smoke spread Wilsonart® Performance Laminates answer the challenge with a seamless combination of form and function.



Available in more than 20 striking patterns, Wilsonart® Quartz offers design versatility and easy maintenance, while virtually eliminating seam issues.

The durable material also invites dynamic shapes, elegant inlays, and nearly limitless custom options.

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Edge Options


Add a special finishing touch to your project. With unlimited stylish edge options to choose from, your solid surfaces will be seamless works of art.

Wilsonart Quartz can be carved by your fabricator, so achieving the custom look you’re going for is as simple as making a phone call.

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Solid Surfaces

Available in more than 50 striking patterns, Wilsonart® Solid Surface offers design versatility, renewability and easy maintenance, while virtually eliminating seam issues.

The durable material also invites dynamic shapes, elegant inlays, and nearly limitless custom options.

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EOS Cupron


With the rise of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) and antibiotic-resistant microbes, new infection control methods are needed.

Preventive|Biocidal Surface™ is the answer. It’s the only product that prevents and protects by actively killing bacteria, even after repeated contamination. It offers another layer of protection to help combat infections in any setting.



Our sleek, acrylic sinks are more than just beautiful: they’re also hard-working. Maintenance is simple with no lip or ledge to catch debris.

Wilsonart Solid Surface Sinks’ performance meets the heavy demands of commercial restrooms, office kitchens, and even doctors’ exam rooms.

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Laminate Designs

When it comes to design versatility, performance, and price, there is no competition for Wilsonart® Laminates. So, what’s the difference between Wilsonart versus Formica® laminate brands? The Wilsonart Difference is AEON.  AEON™ Enhanced Performance Technology, exclusively available on Wilsonart® HD® and Wilsonart® Premium Laminates, creates a surface that is dramatically more durable than before – a surface that keeps its good looks longer.

Looking for more information on Wilsonart Finishes?  Head over to our finishes page to get the details.

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  • Laminate Type
    • HD® High Definition® 60
    • Laminates 333
    • Laminate - Home 146
    • Solicor Laminate 3
  • Coordinated Surfaces
    • Edgeband 196
    • TFL Panels 232
  • Virtual Designs
    • Delectable 9
    • Folk Art 21
    • Geometrics 59
    • Nature 9
    • Retro 23
    • Sports 6
    • Study Hall 9
    • Woodgrains 13
    • Youthful 4
  • Specialty Laminate
    • Chemsurf Laminate 262
    • Compact Laminate 242
    • Fire-Rated Laminate 300
    • High Wear Laminate 247
    • Marker Boards 3
    • Chalk Boards 1
    • Solicor 3
    • Low Pressure 153
    • RE-COVER 302
  • Finish Options
    • 55 Glaze 16
    • 18 Linearity 87
    • 78 FineGrain 122
    • 45 Facet 13
    • 38 Fine Velvet Texture 132
    • 01 High Gloss 259
    • 60 Matte 401
    • 35 Mirage 31
    • 52 Quarry 54
    • 12 SoftGrain 66
    • 07 Textured Gloss 289
    • 22 Antique 82
    • 09 Gloss 3
    • 88 Sculpted Wood
  • Sheet Sizes
    • 3' x 10' 213
    • 3' x 12' 213
    • 3' x 8' 261
    • 4' x 10' 300
    • 4' x 12' 300
    • 4' x 8' 510
    • 5' x 10' 361
    • 5' x 12' 510
    • 5' x 8' 361
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    We make more than just surfaces, we create the places where memories are made.

    Since the beginning, Wilsonart has brought unmatched beauty, design and craftsmanship to countertops and walls. First, with laminate that revolutionized what laminate could be. Now, with a full offering of surfaces that are stunning, beautiful , functional, and transformative. So bring your curiosity, bring your imagination, bring your sense of adventure. It's time to explore new surfaces. Explore Wilsonart.