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Highlighting: Artfully Repurposed Woods

This newly created collection tells a story of America’s spirited narrative while honoring sustainability practices. The Artfully Repurposed Woods collection combines beautifully weathered woodgrain patterns as well as designs inspired by the resurgence of craft through the Modern Marquetry movement. 

Its outward beauty is not the only area where this collection shines. A combination of reusing and repurposing by crafters and artisans, as well as the love of patterns, made Modern Marquetry’s revival inevitable.  As a prerequisite for all Wilsonart® Laminates, this sustainably-mindful collection follows the stringent third-party credentials for indoor air quality.

Unlike hardwood surfaces that can harbor harmful bacteria from dirt and grime buildup, Wilsonart® Laminate is a high-performing non-porous surface for horizontal and vertical applications that provides a remarkably clean and scratch-resistant engineered surface. Enjoy the authentic look of traditional wood and reap the rewards of an impermeable surface.


A modern artistic interpretation of repurposed objects inspired this collection of 23 Wilsonart® Artfully Repurposed Wood designs. From coast to coast, this is how exploration met inspiration.

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Freedom and creativity are reborn with the resurgence of craft in design. The art of Modern Marquetry is a hip, playful interpretation of this beautifully skilled art.

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Wilsonart® Laminates provides an alternative engineered surface serving sustainable practices.

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Modern interpretations of marquetry and time-worn woodgrains add style and sustainability.

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Our newest collection has a wide range of application possibilities for all types of design styles.

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