Easily transform any kitchen with the addition of a Wilsonart® Backsplash. With many benefits over and above traditional tiles, Wilsonart's Backsplash not only enhances the aesthetics of a kitchen but also reduces day-to-day maintenance.


Completely seamless and smooth-to-the-touch, Wilsonart® Backsplash makes it easier than ever to clean up spills and splashes!

quickeasy-to-install and affordable alternative to traditional tiles, Wilsonart Backsplash can refresh the look of a kitchen in just a few hours, and have long-lasting brilliance.

Plus, let's face it. Grout can be gross. And with this grout-free acrylic surface, any chance of mold or mildew building up is completely eliminated!


Already love it?

Classic subway tile is still a preferred design installed by most renovating homeowners. That's why we've made it available in two on-trend colors—grey and white.

And for those who prefer a more contemporary style, Wilsonart Backsplash is also available in various artistic patterns.