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  • Meets or exceeds the requirements as set out in the Window & Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA) TM-6 for a Type I and Type II wood flush door adhesives
  • High performance, Type II (ASTM D4317 classification) Water Resistant PVA
  • Superior bonding strength formulated for all types of flexible wood veneers
  • Exclusively designed to work with various substrates including MDF, particleboard, veneer-core, and fire-rated core
  • Easy to sand, off-white, rigid glue line minimizes glue line visibility when cured
  • Hot or cold press application
  • Non-toxic and easy clean-up
  • Does NOT require stirring before use
  • Available size(s): 1 gallon, 45 lb. pail, 500 lb. drum, and 2,500 lb. tote (returnable)
  • Eco Credentials