Wilsonart's Virtual Design Collection (VDL) for Q3 2019 features artful visual contradictions in material layering, along with a sophisticated blend of new technologies paired with traditional design.

As technology expands humanity's horizons, many people find themselves at a crossroads between modernity and tradition—often nostalgically reflecting on simpler times while also eagerly anticipating the arrival of modern conveniences.

This intersection of unparalleled attractions, where the old blends with the new, results in a surprisingly beautiful combination of nuances that further blossom when used in tandem.

Developed on the basis of Individual Expressionism, Wilsonart's Ambiguous Collection is open to interpretation with each design meant to be appreciated in its own unique way.

Holding true to its namesake, the Ambiguous Collection features 14 distinct designs ranging from cool and structural to soft and warm.

This collection also reintroduces two designs from our current library that capture the essence of ambiguity—Woven Oak and Vintage Houndstooth.