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Blurred Lines Collection

As the demand for genuine connections, transparency, and truth gain cultural strength, the pursuit of authenticity continues to resonate with consumers. Wilsonart’s latest Residential Collection takes on the “real” challenge with the introduction of “Blurred Lines,” a collection of eight true-to-stone designs that blur the lines between past and present trends through colors, tones and structures, while also touting a one-of-a-kind Soft Silk finish. More than a visually stunning ultra-matte surface, seven luxurious stones designs feature this velvety “cant-believe-its-not-stone” finish.

In addition to benefiting from a realistic stone look and feel, the transitional qualities embedded into this collection allow the consumer to easily master the art of material mixology – a thoughtful combination of styles, colors and materials that create timeless spaces.

Wilsonart® Laminate is an evolving, multi-faceted surface with designs ranging from natural stones, woodgrains, metals, graphics, textiles and more. Beautiful, affordable and long-lasting, it remains a staple for many applications in the home. Learn more about the makeup and benefits of laminate here.