Wilsonart's Virtual Design Collection (VDL) for Q4 2019 introduces soulful colors and unique patterns representative of colorful, authentic design personalities that can seamlessly blend into any space.

Wilsonart's Color Me Intrigued celebrates life's subtle yet wide-ranging differences.

Inspired by the broad spectrum of colors created when white light diverges through a prism, this Collection's colorful personalities pays tribute to the beautiful tapestry of our world.

Much in the same way people can use colorful expressions such as 'tickled pink' or 'green with envy' to describe a certain disposition, this Collection appropriately piques our curiosity by provoking an emotional response with bold-minded colors and tactile brilliance.

Set off by saturated hues and faceted geometric shapes and fresh woodgrains, each pattern poetically tells a story of complicated yet beautiful simplicity.

A thoughtful medley of versatile patterns, some may read chic and sophisticated while others are funky and playful.

Whether a space needs an eclectic, comforting addition or a daring choice, this Collection implores the opportunity to set the right mood.