Coordinated Surfaces

Why settle for close enough when you can find your perfect match? Wilsonart® Coordinated Surfaces brings you 200+ Wilsonart® Laminate designs and 10 finishes completely coordinated into best-matched collections.

Why Coordinated Surfaces

Finally, an easy way to specify matching decorative surfaces, with all the benefits of the Wilsonart distribution system. Wilsonart® Coordinated Surfaces combines HPL, TFL Panels and Edgeband into one convenient, best-matched bundle.

NEW 5-Piece Door Program and The LUJO™ Collection are now available. 

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Wilsonart® Certified TFL Panels

Wilsonart® Certified Thermally Fused Laminate Panels are available in 200+ curated designs and 10 textured finishings, all available through Wilsonart's industry-leading distribution network.

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Wilsonart® Edgeband

The best-matched edge solution that complements nearly 200 Wilsonart® Laminate designs and textures.

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Wilsonart® Cabinet Doors and Components

Our 5-Piece and Flat Panel Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts available in 20+ inventoried designs with no minimums required. Best matched coordinated and ready-to-install designs are ideal for kitchens, closets, multi-family and commercial casework.

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