Exotic Woods from the Nature Undisturbed Collection

Exotic wood species are desired for many reasons. Primarily, these woods are highly treasured for their unique beauty, rarity, and commercial value. The demand for these precious woods is only increasing. Our response: all new sustainable engineered laminate designs from the Nature Undisturbed” Collection which provides an alternative source to threatened and endangered woods. Architects, designers and homeowners alike are invited to explore the fascinating details of these readily—and steadily—available designs from the Virtual Design Library.

Umber Makore Y0553K-18 is an endangered wood from West Africa that suffers from population decline, particularly in Ghana and Liberia. Regeneration is limited because of the reduction in large animals and other see dispersers. A beautiful medium-sized straight grained wood, this design features a mid-tone warm brown with subtle firings throughout.

Indonesian Rosewood is an endangered wood harvested for its high commercial value. It remains deeply vulnerable to overexploitation due to illegal felling. This VDL design is a beautiful fawn brown exotic wood with full cathedrals in a deeper brown found throughout this stunning large scale woodgrain.

Java Mahogany Y0554K-78 and Autumn Mahogany, Y0552K-07 designs are derived from vulnerable Mahogany species found in Central and South America. Exhaustion of this species has been most affected in northern regions of its growth. The former is a rich and beautiful wood in a deep coffee brown, full of soft delicate graining and occasional firing. The latter features a rich golden brown with subtle planking and a plethora of firing.

Cocobolo is a vulnerable species, most notably impacted in Costa Rica where it has been harvested for 400 years. Cattle ranching and burning techniques have significantly reduced the availability of this species. Heartwood Cocobolo Y0547K-07 is a large-scale woodgrain that features a rich deep brown color with black graining and pale sap lines found throughout.

Midnight Ebony Y0549K-07 is a near threatened wood from South Africa, considered to be the first Ebony. The wood is full featured with unique cathedrals and bold graining.

Quartered Koa Y0551K-12 is an elegant straight grain wood from Hawaii. While Koa is not considered vulnerable, it is predominantly found at high altitudes in remote areas of the island due to land clearing and invasive species. Highly desirable for its beautiful flaming, the cost of real Koa often comes at a premium.

Natural Zebrawood, Y0555K-12 is a vulnerable species from West Africa that is recognizable by its characteristic bold ebony straight graining in a medium-scale design.

Eucalyptus, while not yet vulnerable, is an exotic wood included in the collection because of its distinct graining and coloring not seen in any other species. Red River Gum Eucalyptus is offered in 3 colorways, beginning with Raw Eucalyptus Y0559K-28; a natural coloration of the eucalyptus full of golden tones with warm grey and dark brown graining. Fawn Eucalyptus Y0558K-07 features a warm café au lait color with deep golden and brown grainingSierra Eucalyptus Y0557K-07 is a large-scale dark brown wood with charcoal graining.