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What are the most popular types of chemical disinfectants used in the healthcare environmental services department?

The most popular types of chemical disinfectants are hypochlorite based disinfectants (i.e., Clorox Healthcare Bleach Germicidal Cleaner), Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide based disinfectants: (i.e., OXIVIR® TB), Quaternary Ammonium Salt based disinfectants: (i.e., Virex II 256), and Phenol/Chlorophenol based disinfectants: (i.e., Expose II 256).

Does Wilsonart test all the various formulations used to create every disinfectant brand on the market?

Wilsonart tests the sensitivity of our material surfaces to the basic chemistry used in four disinfectants (Clorox Healthcare Bleach Germicidal Cleaner, OXIVIR® TB, Virex II 256 and Expose II 256). Note: Specific concentrations used for testing may differ from those used in various commercial disinfectants available on the market.

What cleaners and disinfectants are appropriate for an EOScu surface?

The following are listed as approved for use on EOScu surfaces: Super Sani-Cloth® Germicidal Disposable Wipes (Wipes with Purple Lid) ECOLAB, Asepti-Wipe II™ (Wipes with Green Lid), Dispatch® Hospital Cleaner Disinfectant Towels with Bleach (Wipes with White Lid), Comet Cleaner with Bleach (Spray Bottle with Red Stripe on Label), Comet Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner (Spray Bottle with Green Stripe on Label), and Clorox Healthcare Bleach Germicidal Cleaner (Spray Bottle). For more information, please contact your local Wilsonart Representative or email us at 

What is your process for removing stains on Wilsonart® Solid Surface?

Stains that remain on Wilsonart’s solid surfacing can be easily removed with water and/or commercial cleaner. The removal process may require extra refinishing steps depending on the duration of contact time, frequency and concentration of the staining agent. For more information and a more extensive list of chemicals used, please view our Solid Surface Tech Data – Chemical Resistance Sheet.

What are the results of UV disinfection exposure on Wilsonart materials?

Wilsonart qualifies all laminate (HPL/Chemsurf®/TFL) designs using the Xenon fade test (ISO4586-3) during the development stage. Solid Surface shows a significant resistance to fade upon exposure to UV exposure determined by the Xenon fade testing using NEMA LD3-2005 Method 3.3 (no-effect observed).  We are currently working on a method to test the UV performance metrics of our other engineered surfaces more frequently used in standard healthcare facilities.

Does Wilsonart have Care and Maintenance information for its engineered surfaces?

Yes! Wilsonart has Care and Maintenance documents for most of our product categories. More information can be found on the Technical Resources page of our website.  Learn more about the EOScu Care and Maintenance documentation.

Where can I find out more information on the chemical resistance data of each product?

Chemical resistance data, if available, can be found in the Technical Data Sheet for each product.  Please visit our Resources page to locate the Tech Data Sheet for the product you are interested in.  

Does Wilsonart have clinical data that demonstrates efficacy of EOScu to prevent Healthcare Associated Infection (HAIs)?

Yes! The American Journal of Infection Control (AJIC) recently published two articles that demonstrate the efficacy of EOScu surfaces in real world, functioning hospital environments. The combined research of these two publications illustrate the efficacy of EOScu surfaces in the acute care built environment. To learn more about this clinical research see the Sentara Leigh Clinical Trial and Central Texas Veteran's Hospital articles.

Do you have ASTM E84 testing data for your products?

Yes. ASTM E84 test method rated class 1 and class A performance is available for Fire-Rated Laminate and Fire-Rated Compact Laminate, Solid Surface, EOScu, Quartz and TFL. TFL is available provided the fire-retardant substrates are used to assemble the TFL panel. More information can be found on the Technical Resources page of our website.  For EOScu, more information can be found in the EOScu CSI document, Section 2.3.H.

Are Wilsonart surfaces repairable if damage occurs?

HPL, Quartz and TFL are all considered non-repairable surfaces. There are some commercial products available to mask or fill defects for HPL and TFL, but they usually wear off after some general cleaning. The best option to repair a damaged laminate surface is to use RE-COVERâ„¢. For Quartz, there are some commercial fabricators that will use commercially available fillers to mask the damage. The success of these techniques is highly dependent on the pattern, color variation and fabricator skill.

Solid Surface and EOScu are considered completely repairable and renewable surfaces.  A quality certified Solid Surface or EOScu fabricator can repair or refinish heavily damaged areas back to an original condition while masking the appearance of seams that might have been required to repair the damage. Retention of color-matched materials obtained from the original job is recommended for a precise color match of the repair area.

Does Wilsonart have any case studies that illustrate the value of our products in healthcare applications?

Yes! Examples of Wilsonart Engineered Surfaces in healthcare applications can be found by visiting our case study page.

What is the ROI for installing EOScu when compared to standard Solid Surface?

ROI calculations are very institution specific. For a more detailed discussion regarding your needs, please email us at

Does Wilsonart have a Solid Surface sink product line to support its Solid Surface product offering?

Yes! Wilsonart has a full complement of Solid Surface sinks in a variety of sizes and shapes including ADA compliant options. For healthcare environments, an available EOScu product line includes standard 17�? and 14.5�? oval bowls in beige and grey colors.

Are the Wilsonart® Spectrum designs available in Chemsurf®?

Our Spectrum designs pair subtle, layered design with a vast range of colors.  If interested in this type of application, please contact your local Wilsonart Representative or email us

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