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Why has Wilsonart decided to develop an antimicrobial laminate?

At Wilsonart, we are continually enhancing the beauty and performance of our surfaces. The development of this antimicrobial protection is a natural extension of already robust Wilsonart® HD® Laminate product benefits.

Is Wilsonart enhancing its entire Wilsonart® HD® Laminate line?

Yes, all Wilsonart® HD® patterns includes antimicrobial protection, as well as Enhanced Scratch & Scuff Resistant AEON® Technology, at no additional cost.

How is Wilsonart® HD® Laminate performance enhanced?

Wilsonart™ enhanced antimicrobial protection is built into the laminate to protect the surface against damaging microbes. Antimicrobial agents protect the surface from the growth of mold and mildew that cause stains and odors when used for countertops and work surfaces.

How does the antimicrobial protection work?

The antimicrobial protection is built into the resin/overlay like AEON® technology. It is not a coating. It will not wash away. The antimicrobial protection added to Wilsonart® HD® inhibits the growth of stain and odor causing mold and mildew on the surface. Essentially, it keeps the surface looking - and smelling - better, longer.

Does the enhanced performance capability alter the design pattern in the laminate?

No. The protectant does not affect the beauty and drama of the decorative laminate pattern.

Does Wilsonart® HD® Laminate with Antimicrobial Protection include other Wilsonart patented technologies?

Yes, Wilsonart® HD® Laminate combines the most dramatic designs and textures with Antimicrobial Protection and Enhanced Scratch and Scuff-Resistant AEON® Technology to produce the best laminate countertops and work surfaces in the market.

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