Coffee Bean  D495


Standard HPL Finish

Matte FINISH   D495-60

Solid dark chocolate brown laminate design.


    • AEON


      This product features AEON™ Scratch & Scuff-Resistant Performance Technology when purchased with 01 Gloss, 07 Textured Gloss, 12 SoftGrain, 16 Casual Rustic, 18 Linearity, 19 Leno Weave, 21 Soft Silk, 22 Antique, 28 Gloss Line, 35 Mirage, 52 Quarry, 55 Glaze, 57 Aligned Oak or 78 FineGrain. See Pattern Availability below for complete details.

    • Eco Credentials

      Eco Credentials

      Third-party certification available for this product. See Technical Specs & Certifications below.

    • Antimicrobial Shield

      Antimicrobial Shield

      When purchased with 35 Mirage, 55 Glaze and 57 Aligned Oak finishes. Antimicrobial protection is built into the laminate to protect the surface against damaging microbes. Antimicrobial agents protect the surface from the growth of mold and mildew that cause stains and odors when used for countertops and work surfaces.


    Available Product Types

    • Wilsonart® HD®

      Wilsonart® HD®

      This design is part of our Coordinated Surfaces program so that you can value engineer your projects.

    • Chemsurf®


      Chemical-Resistant Laminate for environments where chemicals are used.

    • Compact


      The toughest solution for high-impact vertical surfaces.

    • Fire-Rated


      A laminate that meets or exceeds the fire codes across the country.

    • RE-COVER™


      An innovative new option combining a vertical grade laminate and adhesive into one product.

    • TFL Panels & Edgeband

      TFL Panels & Edgeband

      This design is part of our Coordinated Surfaces program so that you can value engineer your projects.

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    Available Finishes

    See Pattern Availability for Finish/Product Type combination Availability

    *Standard HPL Finish

    • 60 Matte*

      60 Matte*

    • 01 High Gloss

      01 High Gloss

    • 07 Textured Gloss

      07 Textured Gloss

    • 12 SoftGrain

      12 SoftGrain

    • 16 Casual Rustic

      16 Casual Rustic

    • 18 Linearity

      18 Linearity

    • 22 Antique

      22 Antique

    • 28 Gloss Line

      28 Gloss Line

    • 35 Mirage

      35 Mirage

    • 38 Fine Velvet Texture

      38 Fine Velvet Texture

    • 52 Quarry

      52 Quarry

    • 55 Glaze

      55 Glaze

    • 78 FineGrain

      78 FineGrain

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