New Matte Grain Finish Available on 20 New Leaf™ Veneer Designs

Open-pore texture delivers the natural beauty of wood with exceptional
performance ideal for commercial and residential spaces

TEMPLE, Texas (July 12, 2021) – From homes to offices and commercial spaces, natural-looking materials are highly desired to add warmth and light to any space. New Leaf™ Performance Veneers, a Wilsonart company, is making it easier to achieve the authentic look, feel, and texture of natural wood with the addition of a new matte grain finish available on 20 of its high-performance veneers. Offering the organic beauty of wood’s unique characteristics with the strength and durability of a high-performance veneer, the New Leaf matte grain finish provides a true grain look that adds natural luster and appeal to enhance surface beauty for a rich, sensory experience.

“Our New Leaf matte grain finish was developed to meet the demands of designers and homeowners alike who are seeking a veneer option with an open grain finish that mimics natural wood,” said Kimberly Watson, global vice president, material replacement for Wilsonart. “The authentic wood look and feel provided by our matte grain finish removes any limitations for designers and homeowners to fulfill their visions with a true species finish.”

Ideal for cabinetry, wall paneling, wainscoting, doors and other applications in both commercial and residential settings, the curated collection features an overall matte grain finish with open-pore texturing and provides a familiar depth and tactile experience while remaining true to a traditional veneer visual. This third finishing option to join New Leaf’s veneered surface catalog, which also includes matte and semi-gloss topcoat finishes, enhances the grain and appearance of the surface while eliminating any lasting impressions or interruptions from writing and heavy use of the surface.

New Leaf Performance Veneers feature an energy-cured performance coating backed by two U.S. patents and three pending patents for achieving superior performance over traditional veneers, offering four times fade, scratch, and wear resistance, eight times dent resistance and 14 times impact resistance. The beauty of New Leaf veneers extends beyond the surface, though. Engineered as an exact replica of an authentic natural veneer, New Leaf veneers circumvent the high-cost and demand obstacles by bringing a wood-alternative to the market with an elevated level of performance that designers can consistently count on from order to order.

“Architectural AA grade veneers eliminate all of the headaches of consistency, quality, availability, and lead times of traditional veneers. We are pleased to be able to leverage our US manufacturing capabilities to deliver a readily available and ultra-realistic alternative to natural wood,” added Watson.

To complete design visions, edgeband in matching texture is also available, and designers can coordinate stains with other finishes in the existing New Leaf portfolio.

New Leaf Performance Veneers are produced from reproductions of premium wood species and cuts, are FSC certified ensuring it meets the ultimate standard in eco-friendly forest products, and meet stringent emissions standards earning GREENGAURD Gold certification for low chemical emissions. In fact, New Leaf Performance Veneers guarantee low-emitting Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), at a value nearly half the VOC emission of traditional wood veneers from the staining, lacquer, and finishing process. For more information about New Leaf Performance Veneers, visit

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Published at: 07-12-2021