Wilsonart Redefines Rare Beauty with Its Calacatta Quartz Collection

Four Stunning Designs Inspired by the Classic Elegance of Calacatta Marble


TEMPLE, TX (November 9, 2020) – Wilsonart, one of the world's leading manufacturers of engineered surfaces, announced its breathtaking Calacatta Quartz Collection launch. The unique designs are inspired by Calacatta marble, derived from Italy's Carrara region. Wilsonart's world-renown design team spent months refining the vibrant whites and deep, elegant veining of their Calacatta Collection, providing timeless designs that effortlessly complement a wide variety of interiors.

"The new Wilsonart® Calacatta Quartz Collection provides an environmentally sustainable choice over its marble muse, one of the rarest natural stones on the planet," said Danielle Mikesell, Wilsonart Global Vice President of Marketing and Design. "The Calacatta Collection is elegantly fulfilling the promise of engineered surfaces and making readily available one of the world’s most sought after marble-looks. Inspired by the splendor of nature, our design team was able to replicate the look and feel of marble, yet do so in a more responsible way to help protect our planet while meeting the design community and consumers' demands alike. Now, you can have the exceptional style of Calacatta without the concern of disturbing one of the most beautiful places on Earth."

Wilsonart® Quartz is man-made, using state-of-the-art technology that gives architects, designers, and homeowners color consistency throughout slabs, and allows for a beautiful installation.

"The advantages of engineered quartz are numerous, giving you the best of both worlds: a coveted look combined with daily ease and long-term durability," shares Andrew Korzen, Global Vice President of Hard Surfaces at Wilsonart. Calacatta Quartz designs provide numerous advantages:

  • Stronger, harder and more scratch-resistant than most surfaces
  • Non-porous, non-absorbent, and stain-resistant surface inhibits the growth of mold and bacteria
  • Does not need to be chemically sealed
  • Maintenance-free, easily cleaned with only soap and water
  • 10-year product-only warranty, non-transferrable
  • Certified UL GREENGUARD Gold for Indoor Air Quality, NSF International Seal for Safe Surfaces for Food Preparation, and Kosher for the U.S. under the Kashruth Division of the Orthodox Union

The Collection includes:

Calacatta Aquilea (Q4056)

Calacatta Aquilea has wide cool grey veins running diagonally within the slab and accented by thin darker grey veins giving this design a unique large-scale marble look.

Calacatta Volegno (Q4057)

Calacatta Volegno is a bright, white large-scale marble design with soft and wide, cool grey veins. The thin veining adds warmth with dark grey and brown.

Calacatta Pastino (Q4058)

Calacatta Pastino is a large-scale Calacatta marble design in cool tones. The wide veins are in a soft grey with thin darker grey veins throughout to accentuate.

Calacatta Serchio (Q4059)

Calacatta Serchio is a large-scale Calacatta marble look. The background is a slightly warm white with wide soft grey veins accented by slightly darker thin veins throughout.

The Wilsonart® Calacatta Quartz Collection is available now. Find out more at www.wilsonart.com/calacatta.

Published at: 11-09-2020