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Wilsonart Creates a Touch of Tactile Magic with “Texture Intrigue”

12 New Abstract and Woodgrain Patterns Expand Virtual Design Library’s Offerings  

TEMPLE, TX (April 3, 2018) – No longer an afterthought, texture has become an integral part of the new product development process. When we enter a space, we not only perceive texture both visually and physically, we experience it. Interior finishes with varying physical and visual textures add dimensionality and create interest in a space. From rustic designs with nail holes, paint splatters and saw marks, to distressed, charred and bleached out wood patterns, Wilsonart’s “Texture Intrigue” is as beautiful to see as it is to touch. Texture helps stimulate our senses and experience a space in a whole new way as we refresh them. The new 12 custom laminate designs are offered in the company’s Virtual Design Library.

“As a society, we expect experiences to include many of our senses. We also expect them to play out in our everyday lives,” said Andrea Flint, Senior Product Designer at Wilsonart. “A great example is the simple joy of sitting at an outdoor campfire. We watch the roaring fire, smell the burning wood, feel the heat on our face and touch the edges of the rough log we are seated on. We engage several senses and remember all of them when we think back to that wonderful campfire.  Having texture incorporated into the surfaces we use for the beautiful spaces we live in or the commercial settings we visit, enhances our experience of them. We remember both the sight and the touch; it’s an immersive experience of the space.” 

The new abstract and woodgrain patterns in “Texture Intrigue” are not usually found in traditional High Pressure Laminate (HPL) launches. “With this launch, we now offer almost 450 pre-curated laminate patterns within Wilsonart’s Virtual Design Library,” Flint observed. “When you combine fresh, new designs offered every quarter with Wilsonart’s speed to market and commitment to service, the Virtual Design Library has become a valuable resource for architects and designers.”   

The Virtual Design Library is a boutique solution that helps set any space apart. The new “Texture Intrigue” Collection, which emphasizes shades of grey, blue, green, brown, taupe and neutral, works particularly well within residential and retail settings. See how well the new designs fit in multiple kitchen, bath and commercial settings through the Wilsonart Visualizer.

Dusk Obscura | Antique Finish – a heavily textured allover pattern. The large-scale painterly pattern is full of shades of greys, blues and purple.

Urban Obscura | Antique Finish – a large-scale pattern that is visually textured allover. This pattern is like an urban camouflage with greens, browns, white, amber and pops of deep aquamarine.

Frosty Obscura | Antique Finish – a large-scale painterly pattern. This allover pattern, rich in visual texture, is presented in shades of cool, steely blue and accents of purple.

Ghost Crosstex | Matte Finish – a medium-scale pattern with a distressed visual cross texture in light and medium greys. 

Sage Crosstex | Matte Finish – a distressed pattern with a visual cross texture pattern in light and medium dusty greens.   

Rich Satinwood | Matte Finish – an exotic wood design in deep brown with black graining. The large-scale design has planking throughout.

Herringbone Satinwood | Matte Finish – a large-scale wood pattern with heavy black graining and medium brown color variations throughout.

Carpenter's Bench | Casual Rustic Finish – a large-scale warm neutral wood design. The pattern has a rustic character with nail holes, paint splatter and saw marks.

Carpenter's Crate | Casual Rustic Finish – a grey wood pattern with many rustic features. This large-scale design features paint splatter, nail holes, saw marks and cracks in the wood.

Yaki Oak | Casual Rustic Finish – a large-scale charred wood design in deep charcoal and black.

Yaki Shiro | Casual Rustic Finish – a heavily distressed warm white bleached wood. The large-scale wood design’s texture resembles bleached out charring.

Taupe Geo | Matte Finish – a medium-scale taupe colored wood design with planking and an overlaid geometric pattern.