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Question and Answers

Who can install these edges?

Information on qualified Custom Edges fabricators in your area is available from any of our regional warehouses or your local Wilsonart distributor. For a listing of distributors in your area please call (800) 433-3222.

How do you fabricate rounded corners?

The Rounded Corner Wood Edges are made specifically for this application and can be matched with our Solid Wood Edge profiles. RHT-1 and RHT11 rounded corners are available in 2" radii in Red Oak and Hard Maple; RKT-1 rounded corners are available in 2", 4" and 6" radii in Red Oak and Hard Maple. Methods of fabrication are shown in the Custom Edges Fabrication Manual, BR1515.

Are all of the profiles available locally?

Many Wilsonart distributors and regional warehouses stock the Bevel Edge profiles in the most popular Wilsonart Laminate designs. Non-stock options can be ordered through your Wilsonart distributor.

What are Wilsonart Solid Phenolic Core Panels?

SPC panels are composed of melamine decorative papers superimposed over a kraft phenolic core sheets to achieve the desired thickness. Decorative surface papers may be used on both sides of the panel, or one side may be sanded for bonding to a suitable frame.

Does the #90 finish improve scratch resistance?

Yes. Type 390-90 offer the added value of improved scratch resistance to a chemical-resistant surface.

Can I get Wilsonart Chemsurf Chemical-Resistant Laminate in any Wilsonart Laminate color or pattern?

Chemsurf is available in most Wilsonart Standards Collection designs. Please check Pattern Availability or contact your local rep or call 1.800.433.3222 to confirm availability.

Are all laminate products available in the Graphic Image Process?

Standard Grade 174 and Vertical Grade 364 are available.

What size does Graphic Imaging laminate come in?

Lengths: 96", 120? and 144"; Widths: 36" and 48".

Where can Graphic Imaging be used?

This process is ideal for merchandise displays, wall murals, doors, custom furniture and panel systems, tabletops and highly detailed accent strips.

What is required for the development of a custom image?

Good, clean artwork is a necessity. Original digital artwork is required in most cases. Please see Wilsonart Formatting Guidelines at www.wilsonart.com/wilsonartxyou for complete instructions.