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Regionally-Inspired Patterns from the Nature Undisturbed Collection

The arts and crafts movement is alive and well in modern society.  From unique, globally-sourced World Market finds to Etsy-artisans honing their craft, authentic goods (and designs) are thriving in a technologically advanced world that, at its core, still craves humanization. The makers movement paired with a celebration of Central Asian artisanship, inspired these 5 patterns in the “Nature Undisturbed” Collection of the Virtual Library Design.

These designs are inspired by the Ikat weaving method; a process in which an artisan binds and dyes the warp, or weft fibers, to create a pattern—similar to tie-dying. After the warp is dyed, it’s transferred to the loom where a solid-colored warp is woven into the weft to create a blurred-like finishing effect.

Shadow Ikat, Y0562-60 is a dark charcoal large scale chevron pattern in an ikat style. Fog Ikat, Y0563-60 is a large-scale warm mid-tone grey ikat-inspired chevron pattern. Baltic Blue Ikat, Y0564-60 is a stunning cobalt blue large-scale chevron pattern resembling the ikat technique.

The Kilim designs imitate a traditional Turkish flat tapestry-woven carpet or rug typically hand-woven by skilled weavers. Tarnished Kilim, Y0561-60 is a dark monochromatic steel grey color in a medium-scale modern interpretation of the Kilim rug, featuring a distressed texture for visual interest. Indigo Kilim, Y0565-60 is a beautiful medium-scale design with a modern twist in a monochromatic indigo blue and a distressed texture.