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Trends from the 2017 Commercial Collection

As trends continue to evolve, and inevitably change the landscape of what’s “current” and “in”, it has become increasingly important to follow and connect trends that possess a distinct maturity and evergreen characteristics. A labor of designer love and thoughtful integration, the 2017 Commercial Collection features trends that seamlessly connect designs and enable a space to remain relevant for many years to come. A total of 11 new commercial designs and two textured finishes offer smart inspiration for ever-changing industry demands.


Authenticity in design is all about the honest beauty found in styles and shapes. By eliminating the need for frills and visual overkill, a consumer can connect to the pure intentions of the design and appreciate the entire space for its classic and timeless style. This trend connects 2 new matte solid colors shown below in pure solid grey.


The trend of revival is the ultimate form of connection between past and future. Through the use of our new Aligned Texture and pattern, these first-of-their-kind Aligned Oak woodgrain designs exude an authentic realism. With a similar look and feel of real wood, these designs are sure to be the next megatrend.


The rise of new technology and a collaborative mindset has allowed for personal expression to endure through temporary fads. These new monochromatic designs are an extension of the Crossweave series from the Wilsonart® Virtual Design Library’s Spectrum category. Toting an additional layer of tactile innovation, these designs feature the new Leno Weave finish—a fusion of geometric pattern and texture with a matte-gloss mix that brings long-lasting color and interest to a space.


Woodgrains are reminiscent of the one-of-a-kind crafted pieces from previous eras which are now highly sought after for their unique structure and attached history. Organic and enduring, woodgrain laminates are an appealing sustainable alternative to real wood.


Extraordinary use of ordinary materials is another way to extend the relevance of a design. Wilsonart® Traceless™ Laminate designs are the epitome of innovation in surfaces with its fingerprint-resistant technology that conceals smears, smudges and streaks. Available in popular neutrals, this super matte, soft-to-the-touch surface is a widely practical and attractive choice for your next project.

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