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For decades, architects and designers have specified wood to bring warmth and beauty to their work. Many of these professionals believed that since trees can be replanted, they’re a renewable resource. Unfortunately, our ecosystems are complicated, and this perception is incorrect. While trees are renewable, forests are not. Many of the vibrant, diverse tree species across the globe are considered endangered or threatened. Additionally, trees are being harvested from protected forests which also damages our ecosystem.


Architects and designers can help save protected forests, endangered wildlife and the very air we breathe by using responsibly sourced wood, every time.


We know that using responsibly sourced wood is already a priority for architects and designers. This is an important start. However, we’ve discovered a lack of understanding in the industry about which woods and forests are endangered or threatened – and the best ways to learn more. Wilsonart’s Understanding Wood: Sourcing Against the Grain is designed to fuel architects and designers with resources, support and educational opportunities.

National Day of Learning
On October 3, 2018, Wilsonart hosted its second annual National Day of Learning. This one-day event provided information and tools to help architects and designers specify non-endangered wood for their projects. Two livestreamed CEU sessions with Grace Jeffers, thought leader, design historian and materials expert, introduced Design for Global Forestry, a white paper which explores endangered woods, protected forests and alternative materials. Click here to view a list of environmental stewardship resources.

Consider Wilsonart’s range of wood alternatives for your next project. Plus, with our new, first-of-its-kind aligned texture, our laminate designs not only look the part, but feel like real wood, too. Request your samples today. 

Interlochen Arts Academy Partnership
Founded in 1928, Interlochen Arts Academy Partnership is one of the country’s preeminent high schools for young artists.  Wilsonart has underwritten an interdisciplinary class where students will explore conservation issues and the critical role forests play in the delicate balance of nature. In addition to the class, Wilsonart’s grant provides: 


Industry Survey and Insights
Wilsonart conducted a national survey of architects and designers and learned that these professionals need more information about the materials they specific, particularly when it comes to natural resources. Read more about the survey findings, or view the full infographic.

Wilsonart and the Environment
For more than 6 decades, Wilsonart has worked to be a responsible member of the global community and a leader in environmental practices. We recently expanded our commitment to sustainability with Understanding Wood: Sourcing Against the Grain an initiative to amplify and educate on issues surrounding endangered wood species and endangered forests.  Wilsonart was the first North American laminate company to achieve the Forest Stewardship Council Chain of Custody Certification, and today we offer thousands of SKUs that are FSC® Mix Credit Certified HPL.