How we tested AEON™ Enhanced Performance Technology

Wilsonart HD® Laminates have AEON™ Enhanced Performance Technology built in, and have up to 5X more scuff and scratch resistance*, and up to 3X more wear resistance*.

Wilsonart® Premium Laminates have up to 3X more scuff and scratch resistance*, and up to 3X more wear resistance.*


*Versus competitive laminates with similar finishes

Scratch/Scuff and Mar

Wilsonart Research and Development engineers developed a new test for measuring the scratch/scuff/mar resistance of a decorative surface. In this controlled abrasion test, laminate samples were subjected to 200 passes with a weighted, industrial strength Scotch-Brite® pad. (Scotch-Brite pads were selected to ensure consistency of testing material from test to test).

In this test, competitive laminate was placed side-by-side with laminate manufactured using the new AEON™ Enhanced Scratch & Scuff-Resistant Performance Technology.

Depending on the finish type and pattern of the laminate (some finishes/patterns disguise wear better than others), AEON Enhanced Performance Laminates outperformed competitive laminates with similar finishes by a factor of up to 3x to 5x!

Wear Resistance

The test developed by International Organization of Standardization (ISO), a voluntary standard for the laminate industry, measures the number of cycles it takes for an abrasive sandpaper pad to wear through the laminate surface at two points: Initial Point (IP) when the laminate surface first shows wear and Final Point (FP) when the pad wears all the way through the decorative surface.

Wilsonart® Laminates with AEON technology outperform competitive laminates with similar finishes on wear resistance by a factor of up to 3x!