The LUJO® Collection: New 2023 Designs


Elevate your space with the latest era in nature-inspired luxury from Wilsonart® TFL. Enhance your senses with revolutionary finishing textures. And express your style with a modern palette that embraces distinct wood species. New woodgrain designs from The LUJO® Collection make it all possible. 

The 2023 launch is accompanied by the revolutionary Silken Wood finish, a new luxury matte texture that features subtle woodgrain movement. To experience luxury woodgrains by design, order a sample, or schedule a presentation with a Wilsonart representative.

Sophisticated meets sustainable.

Sophisticated meets sustainable.

Ten new designs feature luxurious wood species across a range of five color categories. Unlike wood veneer and real wood that use natural resources, designs from The LUJO® Collection are sustainably engineered for long-term beauty — and exotic wood inspirations like Seno Etimoe preserve natural woods that are currently vulnerable. Coordinating Wilsonart® HPL,  Edgeband and Cabinet Doors are available.

A Fresh White design, inspired by clean, organic tones.

Sandy Beige designs, inspired by serene beaches and untouched woods.

Fundamental Grey designs, inspired by neutral practicality and comfort.

Nostalgic Brown designs, inspired by rich, earthy textures.

A Mythical Black exotic design, inspired by the depths of nature.

Crafted Calm

Casual luxury meets refined rustic, inspiring spaces that incorporate warmer woodgrains like Brookfield Elm, Harrison Elm, Harding Oak, and Claremont Oak.

Fresh Heritage

Designs like Granville Cherry and Anderson Cherry are perfect for a new take on the traditional countryside aesthetic.

Dark and Moody

Dark and Moody: Luxe, linear woodgrains like Newlands, Kinglake, Mangrove, and Sherbrooke offer dramatic contrast and a darker interpretation of modern home design to convey a deep sense of luxury.

Escapist Luxury

In modern commercial environments, use Newlands, Mangrove, Sherbrooke, or Kinglake for woodgrain accents that synthesize feelings of home and hospitality. The overall effect encourages multi-purpose design, communal gathering, warmth, and comfort.

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Find inspiration for your project.

The LUJO® Collection is engineered for luxury spaces that embrace the sophisticated beauty of natural woodgrain designs and textures. Explore inspiration for modern residential and commercial environments.

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