TRACELESS™ by Wilsonart®

TRACELESS™ is an ultra-calm, velvet texture that invites touch and is engineered to perform. Stunning looks and colors that dance with light and shadows. A sustainable approach that creates peace of mind and has earned environmental accolades.

Ultra-Luxe Design

Usher in a new age of luxury by designing for the senses with a low-sheen, velvet touch, ultra-matte finish.

Ultra-Calm Performance

Design a warm and luxurious space that delivers a sense of calm and comfort you can count on.

Ultra-Confident Reliability

Ultra-Confident Reliability

TRACELESS™ puts luxury at your fingertips with a wide collection of designs, affordable pricing, and rapid delivery.

Ultra-Intentional Sustainability

Ultra-Intentional Sustainability

TRACELESS™ delivers a warm, natural feel that meets indoor air quality standards for your peace of mind. And every surface is thoughtfully crafted with post-consumer recycled content.


New TRACELESS™ SOLICOR® is available in 6 designs that deliver a design-matched color core for clean edging detail. Or in high-use environments, TRACELESS™ SOLICOR® Compact features the same 6 designs with a color core and the incredible durability of a double-faced Compact panel. And for even more possibilities, all 21 TRACELESS™ designs are available in robust Compact panels with a black core.


Soft Touch

The cloud-like surface invites connection and interaction.


Easily buff out scratches and scuffs with a melamine sponge.


Does not retain fingerprints and is easy to clean.


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Wall Panels

Cabinet Doors



Wall Cabinets: Acorn Velvet. Table Top and Wall Panels: Black Velvet.

Wall Cabinets: Acorn Velvet Elm 15602. Table Top and Wall Panels: Black Velvet 15505.


Available Variety

TRACELESS™ is a curated collection of in-stock designs.

Local Inventory

With more than 100 locations in the U.S. and Canada, TRACELESS™ is always nearby.


Our process ensures a TRACELESS™ surface that is complete, in proper condition, and on schedule.


Conscious Craftsmanship

Leading a new era of sustainable, innovative surfaces, TRACELESS™ is FSC® certified, the recipient of a Declare label, and LBC (Living Building Challenge) Red List Approved.

Indoor Air Quality

TRACELESS™ is certified with UL GREENGUARD Gold for low chemical emissions for indoor air quality.

Recycled Content

SCS certified for an average of 20% post-consumer recycled content.

2022 Wilsonart® HPL Commercial Collection

Your designs, limitless.

We offer limitless designs, patterns, and strikingly real finish textures for commercial and residential applications. Style inspirations include wood, stone, and abstract designs — or bring your unique vision to life with color matching and custom print designs.

We offer an extensive range of color choices, patterns and surface finishes for residential and commercial laminate applications, including wood, stone and abstract designs.

Something extraordinary is on the way.

The HPL Stone Collection is coming in September. Featuring 16 brand-new stone designs and our new matte stone finish, Fieldstone. Stay tuned for more!



Reconnect with the foundation of nature. The Wilsonart® HPL Stone Collection offers sixteen timeless designs that combine the imposing presence of stone with an inviting serenity. It’s in the details where engineered finishes, AEON™ Technology, and proven sustainability enhance the performance of nature’s foundation. 


The deep black tones of Sombra are elevated by shadows of grey and a wave-like momentum across the entire slab. This dimensional marble design includes a gloss finish that accentuates its complexities and textures.

5026K-07Brazilian Grey

This Brazilian Arabescato design is bright and active, complete with tones of grey and white that work in concert to create a symphony of movement. The textured gloss finish adds vibrance to the flowing clouds that traverse the structure.

5029K-22Ouro Branco

Ouro Branco presents a large-scale Taj Mahal quartzite look with subtle veining and neutral colors. Gold and white coincide with textures derived from nature to inspire a design that elevates.

5025Glacier Quartzite

Glacier Quartzite is a Fantasy Brown Quartzite linear stone pattern with striations of white, taupe, and soft blue notes.

5041Granito Cascata

Pair dynamic veining with directional warmth. The white granite of Granito Cascata is striking with accents of warm browns and cool blue-greys.

5039Bello Romano

Discover a large-scale directional granite structure with warm white, taupe, and copper-colored particulates that add dimension to this traditional European look.

5042Calacatta Lincoln

The extra-large scale of this Calacatta white marble is the epitome of unreserved beauty. Individual details from Calacatta Lincoln include refined brown and smoky charcoal directional veining.


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