An ideal surface for every space & style.

Wilsonart® High Pressure Laminate (HPL) brings long-lasting style, on-trend designs, and outstanding performance to residential and commercial interiors. With 2X more post-consumer recycled content than any other brand, it’s one of the most innovative and environmentally friendly decorative surface materials available on the market today — ideal for a wide range of vertical and horizontal applications.

Something extraordinary is on the way.

The HPL Stone Collection is coming in September. Featuring 16 brand-new stone designs and our new matte stone finish, Fieldstone. Stay tuned for more!

Create the unexpected.

HPL offers an ever-growing selection of striking designs to create personalized, one-of-a-kind spaces with exceptional durability. Whether you want the warmth of woodgrains and stones or the playfulness of patterns and abstracts, we have something for every imagination. Additional finish, performance, and edge options available.

1876Spring Carnival

This Brazilian-inspired laminate design granite features large-scale areas of soft white with grey and almond accents. Spring Carnival captures the elegance and realism of a stone slab.

1878Granito Amarelo

Granito Amarelo is a large-scale, dynamically veined stone design with wide bands of buttery yellow, dark goldenrod, and speckled gray-blue. This lilting laminate pattern is subtle overall with complex details of gold, brown, caramel, black, white, and cream over a grey background.

4925Calcutta Marble

Calcutta Marble is a classic, large-scale Italian marble laminate design. Grey and taupe large-scale and angular vein structures comprise its signature feature.

4926Black Alicante

Black Alicante is a large-scale, black marble laminate design accented with fine white and black veining throughout its varying shades of grey to black.

5000Toffee di Pesco

A large-scale marble look in deep brown, Toffee di Pesco is layered in accents of chocolate, cream, amber, and taupe.

5010Drama Marble

A striking white marble design with vivid grey, brown, and bronze veining. Inspired by the marble mined in the Drama region of Northern Greece, which is also known as Volakas or Ajax marble.

1886K-07Cote d'Azur

Cote d'Azur is a large-scale white marble design with thick, cool fractures and thin warm veining.


Beauty designed for the real world.

HPL surfaces are engineered to stand up to daily use and look great long into the future. Available for residential and commercial applications.


Edge and specialty feature options to meet your needs.

Easy to maintain

Stain and moisture resistance makes HPL easy to clean and disinfect.

Highly Durable

Featuring AEON™ Enhanced Scratch & Scuff-Resistant Performance Technology.


Multiple product categories for budget flexibility.

Eco friendly

Consists of 30% recycled sources. Meets GREENGUARD Gold Certified standards.


Find your inspiration.

Functional design. Meet the needs of every project.

Engineered to stand up to the rigors of everyday use while offering unique, in-demand styles, the HPL Commercial Collection gives you endless design possibilities. Texture and finish options, specialty products, and premium performance features provide exceptional flexibility to meet the functional and aesthetic needs of every project.

17014Sumner Oak

Sumner Oak delivers the timelessness of classic white with the casualness and comfort of an embossed and plain sliced aligned oak finish.

8226Dering Forest

Dering Forest is a straight grained wood with an interesting mix of teak and framire, and African oak. Dark brown with highlights and lowlights.

8229Frishton Ash

A warm, mid-tone grey, Friston Ash is a casual ash with both straight grain planks and partial cathedral planks.


Daintree is a warm grey cherry design with straight grain, partial cathedrals, and a delicately planked structure.


Fairchild has an overall charcoal coloration with understated highlights in a subtle planked oak design of straight grain and partial cathedrals.


Belair is an off-white cherry wood design with straight grain, partial cathedrals, and a delicately planked structure.

8231Valley Forge Elm

Valley Forge Elm has straight grain intermingled with refined cathedrals in a dark mid-tone brown with highlights and subtle contrast.


So many choices.

Wilsonart® HPL offers a plentiful array of finishes — from mirror sheen to matte — along with Decorative Edges to achieve customized looks. AEON™ Enhanced Scratch & Scuff-Resistant Performance Technology and Antimicrobial Protection are available for our HD® and Premium laminates for enhanced durability.



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