The Road to Iconic Design: The Airstream/Wilsonart Partnership

When you think of iconic American brands, only a few have set the tone for enduring cultural relevance. The white swoosh. The crimson can. The golden arches. And the silver travel trailer. Airstream is more than an Ohio-based company that builds travel trailers and touring coaches. They are the champion of America’s roadtripping legacy, providing one of the most luxurious on-road experiences for families since 1931. From miniature basecamp pods to full-size flagship travel trailers, Airstream’s famous aluminum exterior has glimmered for nearly a century against backdrops of plains, mountains, and coastlines. The exterior is renowned, and the interior of every Airstream doesn’t disappoint in the slightest. Each Airstream décor is aesthetically unique, complete with furniture, cabinetry, and appliances that encourage overnight comfort and stand up to off-grid exploration. Residential design elements like wall paneling and countertops are also exclusive to individual décors — and these features change dramatically based on special-edition partnerships. Pottery Barn, Tommy Bahama, and REI have all partnered with Airstream to create truly distinct interior design experiences in their respective travel trailers and coaches.

But the one interior requirement that is consistent across the Airstream lineup? Uncompromising Wilsonart® surface durability throughout the interior.

Airstream travel trailers are built with lasting quality that stands the test of time, allowing them to be passed on from parents to children, grandchildren, and beyond. And thanks to high-performance Wilsonart® HPL inside today’s Airstream models, that generational legacy is here to stay.


Wilsonart® HPL has been the surface of choice across Airstream’s portfolio for over 40 years. Today, crisp white HPL is the interior design backbone in the Comfort White Classic trailer. The Standard Basecamp Travel Trailer, the Caravel Travel Trailer, the Rangeline Touring Coach, and the Bambi Travel Trailer are all complete with multiple Wilsonart® HPL surfaces as well.

Look anywhere in an Airstream travel trailer and you’ll find Wilsonart® HPL. Even before committing to the full-scale use of Wilsonart® HPL, Airstream made Wilsonart® Laminate a staple for cabinet interiors. “The cabinet lining takes a lot of abuse,” said Jessica Fisher, one of Airstream’s interior designers. “Wilsonart laminates have been a workhorse in our travel trailers for decades, and they always match the décor we’re trying to achieve.”

The performance and lasting beauty of Wilsonart® HPL address all of the unique durability challenges that an Airstream travel trailer or coach may face.

“All-season camping in an Airstream poses the potential for cracking or delamination with drastic temperature changes. Every Airstream must be durable for everyday use or off-grid exploration. Wilsonart products are structurally sound to accommodate for these challenges. Plus, our Wilsonart representative and Wilsonart’s tech services team are prompt to respond if issues do arise.” — Molly Nauman, Airstream Interior Designer


Special-edition Airstream travel trailers require special Wilsonart® HPL surfaces. That’s why Airstream designers turned to the Wilsonart® Virtual Design Library (VDL) and Wilsonart By You (WXY) when designing exclusive décor in a now-retired line of Tommy Bahama Touring Coaches. To create the distinct look and feel of the breezy, laidback Tommy Bahama brand, a custom palm leaf design was inspired by a style from the Virtual Design Library. Patterned palm leaves give the bathroom an organic, airy look that reflects an island-inspired vibe.

A Wilsonart® VDL design was also color altered and customized for Airstream’s eStream Travel Trailer. This highly anticipated concept travel trailer won a 2022 Red Dot Design Concept Award and uses an electric drivetrain to sustainably power long-distance trips. The one-of-a-kind VDL surface inside the eStream features a dynamic pattern of yellow and blue triangles, evoking images of a solar panel harnessing energy from the sun. But there’s no need to imagine the power of solar energy — the fully electric eStream concept’s roof will be complete with an expansive solar panel system. Airy white Wilsonart® HPL cabinets and overhead lockers perfectly offset the eclectic VDL pattern and offer practical functionality in the limited space.

“Wilsonart works with us on all of our customizations, and the Virtual Design Library patterns are easily edited to fit our one-off specialty products. Plus, Wilsonart has a wide variety of offerings from their standard lines that can fit our design needs.” — Jessica Fisher, Airstream Interior Designer


American-built Airstream travel trailers traverse the highways in every corner of our country. That’s one of the reasons why Wilsonart was chosen as Airstream’s surfacing partner of choice. Every Wilsonart surface is assembled in the US, stocked across the country, and strategically distributed with a company-owned fleet.

“The fact that Wilsonart surfaces are made in the United States was important to us. We appreciate products made in the US because Airstreams are proudly made in America.” — Molly Nauman, Airstream Interior Designer

Wilsonart solutions at Airstream go beyond the travel trailers and coaches. Wilsonart® HPL, Quartz, and Solid Surface can all be found in the Airstream corporate facility as well. “We know Wilsonart products perform well, look great, and hold up. It made sense to use the same company that we use in our travel trailers in the facility. It really ended up being an easy decision to choose Wilsonart,” said Mark Beckman, Airstream’s Facility Manager.

Airstream is more than an Ohio-based company that builds travel trailers and touring coaches. They are the embodiment of classic American design. Ingenuity. Comfort. And from sea to shining sea, Wilsonart is proud to elevate the Airstream experience with solutions that celebrate the silver spirit of adventure.

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