Find your next design escape with the new Dramatic Landscapes Collection.


Wilsonart® Quartz lets you reimagine your unique style story without limits. Our latest collection, Dramatic Landscapes, provides an inspiring foundation of unexpected elements to bring the elegance and energy of some of the most magical places in the world into yours.

Breathtaking Beautiful Surfaces

With six stunning curated designs, the Dramatic Landscapes Collection lets you play with nature’s movements and beauty to create an aura of escape. A unique mix of warm and cool tones, quartzite-inspired glimmer, and sophisticated asymmetry are just some of what this unique collection has to offer.

Q4061Hekla Slope

Inspired by Iceland’s most active volcanoes, Hekla Slope is a medium-scale movement design composed of a matrix of cool white fragments set in a soft grey background. Thin, elongated veins in dark grey and golden brown extend throughout this quartz surface.

Q4062Volcanic Glacier

Volcanic Glacier is a deep black, large-scale movement design accentuated by swaths of complex, active white veins that fade in and out. This design's asymmetric structure results in open areas of deep black that stand in contrast to the veined areas.


Vicentia is a medium-scale movement quartz reminiscent of bright quartzite stone. Recalling the white sands of Australia's Jervis Bay, the soft white background of this design is overlaid by a delicate, active mesh of bright white veins. Small, subtle resin pools create contrast throughout.

Q4064Hofn Harbour

Named for a quiet Icelandic fishing port, Hofn Harbour evokes the look of quartzite stone. The bright, slightly sandy background of this medium-scale movement design is complemented by delicate white veining that actively moves through the slab. Small, slightly darker taupe resin pools are present throughout.

Q4065Fossa Falls

Fossa Falls is composed of a soft white background with short waves of a foggy grey. A medium-scale, active network of thin veins directionally traverses the slab. These veins vary from dark grey to warm brown and occasionally open up to reveal the marble-like background.

Q1023Gardar Basalt

Gardar Basalt is a mid-tone grey, small-scale particulate quartz. Small, transparent particulates appear slightly darker grey, while a very fine reflective glimmer lends an additional dimension to the design.



Come home to the beauty of styles featured in the brand-new Wilsonart® Home Quartz Collection. From marbles to abstracts to solids, discover 20 of the most popular residential countertop designs in our Quartz portfolio. Plus, every surface is complete with the trusted performance and durability of Wilsonart® Quartz. Explore the collection today.

The new Quartz collection offers a rich source of inspiration to create distinct interior styles. Uncommon details provide the basis for uniquely elegant, expressive spaces that evoke nature's beauty and moods.


One of the strongest materials on Earth.

Surround yourself with the serene beauty of Quartz — and its many benefits.

On-trend and in style
Abundant and elegant designs for any space.

Easy to maintain
Simple cleanup with soap and water maintains brilliance.

Highly resistant to abrasions, scratches, cracks, and chips.

Stain resistant
Non-porous, so it won’t absorb liquid. No sealing required.

Eco friendly
UL GREENGUARD Gold Certified for low chemical emissions.


Built to last
10-year limited warranty.


Versatile and resilient surfaces.

Wilsonart Quartz provides incredible strength and versatility, so you can reimagine your own style story without limits. Our wide-ranging portfolios, from Expressive Concretes to the coveted rare beauty of our deep-veined Calacatta Marbles, offer elegant and tranquil designs ideal for any space. And they're made to maintain their brilliance even in your most well-used areas.

Q4059Calacatta Serchio

The Serchio River can be found dancing elegantly in mountain elevation through Tuscany. The fresh, cool flowing water is the calming inspiration for our Calacatta Serchio design. Light and subtle in tones.

Q4058Calacatta Pastino

There are just 17 people who live in Pastino, Italy. It’s quiet. Peaceful. Yet, given its locale, it’s also unique. Elegant. Captivating. It is the inspiration for our Calacatta Pastino design. With wide, interesting, subtle patterns contrasted with geologic lines, it is more than a surface. It is an escape.

Q4057Calacatta Volegno

Picture a quiet village nestled in the mountains of Tuscany: every view is a classic painting. Every sound feels like music. Every moment is an escape. That’s the feeling of Calacatta Volegno. With deep, intricate patterning, its markings convey millennia passing, as it provides the calming sensation of time standing still.

Q4056Calacatta Aquilea

The ancient Roman city of Aquilea inspires this classical design. With touches of aged feel and historic architecture, backdropped by awe-inspiring mountain ranges, our Calacatta Aquilea design embodies elegance with a timeless look full of movement and interest. It’s artwork. That feels right at home.

Tell your unique style story with our latest collection.

Six new designs. A palette of unexpected elements. Bring the elegance of some of the most magical places in the world into yours with our new Dramatic Landscapes collection. Launching soon!


It's better.

Wilsonart® Quartz is more dynamic than ever, offering a wide variety of designs, structures, and colors not possible until now. For stunning marble looks that are so simple to maintain. For distinct, brilliant style that you can love and live in with confidence.



Our jumbo-size slabs allow you to relish the elegance of Quartz — on a larger scale and beyond a quartz countertop. Perfect for kitchen islands, wall panels, and other specialty applications.

Available in three sizes:
63 in. x 120 in., 63 in. x 126 in., and 65 in. x 130 in.

More of everything at an amazing value.

Extraordinary. Durable. Functional. That’s Wilsonart® Quartz Select, a collection of six stunning particulate and veining designs ideal for multi-family projects, single-family homes, and wherever possibility meets potential.


A slightly warm, soft grey design. Abilene features small-to-medium-size glass particulates, ranging in appearance from completely transparent to cool dark grey, throughout.

Q6018Urban Cloud

A medium-grey quartz with short and slightly faded veins in off white. Urban Cloud contains a very fine off-white particulate grain throughout, which lends a natural stone appearance and depth to the design.


 A bright and cool off-white design with small particulates, ranging from transparent to cool grey, scattered throughout. Tiny reflective glimmers of silver and an occasional fleck of warm particulate are also found in Marfa.

Q6021Mountain Carrara

A cool white design. Mountain Carrara features short wisps of cool blue-grey veins that organically fade in and out, lending a wintry effect to this quartz.

Q6022Carrara Codena

A bright and cool quartz, Carrara Codena has an overall soft effect created by warm grey veins that are short, foggy, and slightly transparent.


A bright and warm white design with an ultra-fine grey powder dust. This creates the depth and dimension of Frozen while maintaining a very clean appearance.



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