Thanks to extensive research and new product development in overlays, Wilsonart's writable surfaces function above and beyond that of typical slate chalkboards or markerboards. These surfaces are perfect for schools, offices, and residences, from classrooms to cafeterias to meeting areas and recreational rooms. 

As the need for creativity in the workplace and classroom grows, Wilsonart Engineered Surfaces continues to develop innovative products that change the way people express themselves. Our chalkboard and markerboard surfaces offer a limitless range of possibilities to enhance your working environment and elevate your learning experience.




Wilsonart® Chalkboard is the perfect solution for any space or application that demands a durable and affordable writing surface. These boards can fit conveniently on walls or horizontal surface, providing a writable solution that's enduring, engaging, and extremely easy to maintain.


Available in a classic color, Graphite Nebula, Wilsonart® Chalkboard requires no regular maintenance or annual "seasoning"—making it not only a design-friendly solution, but also an easy-to-maintain enhancement for any space.

While Wilsonart® Chalkboard has endless application possibilities, it's ideally suited for educationoffice and retail areas such as schools, day care centers, conference rooms, training centers, break rooms and restaurants.


Wilsonart® Markerboard Laminate is a versatile surface that offers an interactive medium for sketching thoughts, sharing new ideas or taking notes in real time.


No matter where it's used, from classrooms and conference rooms to hospital cafeterias and athletic facilities, Wilsonart® Markerboard Laminate offers a versatile and decorative surface. Unlike porcelain or epoxy-coated steel, Markerboard offers a dual-purpose board for projection and dry or wet erase areas that make it easier to maintain and clean.

Cleaning and maintaining your Markerboard requires only a damp cloth or sponge. Apply a mild household cleaner or detergent with a soft-bristled brush for challenging stains. 

Our broad range of innovative color selections works brilliantly in classrooms, office spaces, and even residential applications.


Choose Wilsonart Writable Surfaces

With Wilsonart's unique technology, you can create learning, working, and recreational environments that provide surfaces that inspire. Let our team show you how our writable surfaces can unlock your potential and change your approach to creativity and expression. Find a representative or call 800-433-3222 today to get started.