At Wilsonart, we know the mission of every healthcare organization is to provide patient-centered care that is effective, medically relevant, and operationally efficient; all in a comfortable, convenient environment, where the patient-provider relationship is at the center. That's why we offer a broad collection of surfaces to address Disinfection, Durability and Design challenges - for safety, efficiency, and patient comfort.

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In our new healthcare case studies video, discover how Wilsonart helped premier Healthcare organizations create functional and healing environments with our high-performing and innovative engineered surfaces

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Healthcare Brochure

Download the Healthcare brochure for more information on how Wilsonart Engineered Surfaces can make partnering a routine procedure.

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Designing for Brand Promises

In a healthcare market where the "retailization" process is creating demanding commercial pressures, designing for a brand's promise is critical to the success of a built environment.

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Surfaces that Elevate Patient Care

Environmental surfaces play a key role in supporting positive outcomes within healthcare facilities. Check out the video to learn more about surfaces that support effective healthcare design.

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NEW Solid Surface Designs

Brand new Solid Surface intros make their way into the hard surfaces collection. Click the link below to check it out..

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Need Continuing Education?

Register for our latest CEU "The Surfaces that Surround Us While We Heal" available in our suite of continuing education courses. This is an IDCEC and AIA accredited CEU course for Health, Safety, and Welfare.

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Case Study

Stony Brook Medicine, an advanced specialty care center, offers more choice and flexibility with its cutting-edge 120,000 sq. ft. multispecialty facility.

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Patient-Centered Design

Part-science, part-design, and 100% of the right surfaces for healthcare, this four-part written series will leave you informed and inspired for your next healthcare project.

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Healthcare Trends

In the latest Healthcare Trend Report, experts unfold five critical trends surfacing in healthcare that will have lasting influence on the future of healthcare design for 2018 and beyond.

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Healthcare FAQs

If you have more questions on healthcare design, please see our Frequently Asked Questions section for more detailed information.

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Visualizer for Healthcare Surfaces

Use the Wilsonart Visualizer to discover solutions for your healthcare space.

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