Our innovative, high-performance portfolio works beautifully across public lounges, collaborative meeting areas, and private offices - everywhere works get done. We help make these settings inspiring and enabling, so individuals can achieve their full potential.

Evolve the Office with Wilsonart

Today, stiff competition and emerging trends are pressuring companies to do more with their space.

An office must attract and retain different types of employees and spaces, including the mobile workforce.

And it must also make the most of every square foot, since wasted space is wasted money.

In rooms where people meet, learn and share big ideas, inspiring materials with wide-ranging applications are more important than ever.

Design that's Highly Qualified

Everywhere that work gets done—from public lounges and collaborative meetings areas to private offices and quiet spaces that—materials used to create these spaces must be flexible, supportive and enduring.

Our best-in-class materials like Compact LaminateQuartz, Markerboard, and Specialty Surfaces allow countless forms of expression.

With an endless array of options, Wilsonart can help brands showcase their values, their way, without every sacrificing on quality or design.

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