Performance Tops


We revolutionized the countertop with Wilsonart® THINSCAPE® Performance Tops. European-inspired and ultra thin, this stylish surface is as sleek as it is strong. It’s also exceptionally durable with resistance to impact, scratches, and moisture.

The smartest surface ever created.

THINSCAPE® designs are elegantly crafted with hundreds of super-fine layers to provide maximum density. Just ½-inch thick and created without a substrate, it’s engineered to stand up to everyday use with striking simplicity. That’s what we call counter intelligence.

TS404Black Amani

The marble design of Black Amani has thin, subtle veins with depth and variation throughout. Its Luster finish offers a semi-gloss sheen and a smooth surface that defines elegance.

TS101Distressed Pine

A wood design with plank-size variation, Distressed Pine combines cool color with elements of warm honey, sophisticated greys, and understated taupes. Its Wire Brush finish brings linear texture with matte and gloss sheens.

TS501Calcutta Blanc

Calcutta Blanc is a classic, large-scale Italian marble with a Luster finish. Its grey and taupe vein structure is large-scale and angular, comprising the signature feature of this marble.

TS503Italian Carrara

White marble with grey veining makes Italian Carrara a beautifully versatile choice. This timeless design has a semi-gloss sheen and smooth Luster finish.

TS309Quartz Rapids

Quartz Rapids offers a directional quartz structure with a light grey background, warm grey veining, and minute quartz particulates. A Sandblasted finish creates a soft, lightly textured, ultra-matte surface.

TS102Quartzite Falls

The linear design of Quartzite Falls features thin caramel and taupe veining offset by natural highlights. A Luster finish provides semi-gloss sheen and a smooth surface.

TS401Rugged Steel

Rugged Steel has an aged, distressed look with all the character and style found in raw metal. Its Natural finish adds fine texture and a low sheen.

TS307Soapstone Mist

A large-scale, smooth veined grey soapstone, Soapstone Mist abounds in rich detail and natural features. A Luster finish brings semi-gloss sheen and a smooth surface.

TS306Spanish Limestone

This off-white limestone look has linear directional features in subtle warm and cool neutrals. A Sandblasted finish creates a soft, lightly textured, ultra-matte surface.

TS308Sterling Calcutta

Wisps of white meander across the gentle, cool grey background of Quiet Swirl. These veins create a calm, balanced aesthetic with graceful movement, bestowing peace and elegance to almost any space.

TS311Taj Mahal

A calming neutral, Taj Mahal showcases quartzite fractures and infinite depth. A Sandblasted finish creates a soft, lightly textured, ultra-matte surface.

TS504Volakas Marble

Quarried in the Volakas region of Greece, Volakas Marble is white with chunky grey veining and delicate details. A Luster finish brings semi-gloss sheen and a smooth surface.


Bold. Modern. Highly durable.

THINSCAPE® lets you live in style that’s engineered to last.

Timeless Design
Expertly match today’s most sought-after lightly textured sheens.

Incredibly Strong
Just ½-inch thick and crafted to resist impact, abrasions, and scratches.

Easy to Maintain
Highly cleanable, stain resistant, and no sealing required — ever.

Meets GREENGUARD Gold Certification’s strict chemical emission limits.



Wilsonart® THINSCAPE® Performance Tops feature an on-trend, thin profile that compliments the slimmer cabinet looks trending in residential kitchens everywhere. From large-scale stone to aged metal, these timeless designs are made to elevate.



Featuring lightly textured sheens, THINSCAPE® Performance Tops appeal to both contemporary and classic styles. Designed with the whole home in mind.



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