• The Aiden Hotel San Antonio

    Boutique meets antique at the Aiden Hotel San Antonio. Learn how Wilsonart® surfaces inspire unique guest experiences at this award-winning destination with ambitious design and everyday performance.

  • Niagara Parks Power Station

    It’s not hard to spot Wilsonart surfaces at the Niagara Power Station. See how Wilsonart Solid Surface and THINSCAPE® Performance Tops further elevated the unique interior design.

  • Goodfolks

    How Wilsonart® THINSCAPE® helped revive a historic Texas architectural gem into a thriving new restaurant space.

  • Brownstone Pancake Factory

    Over 45 years ago, a young couple bought a small subway car diner that grew into a very successful family business. 

  • Solid Comfort, Inc.

    After a long day of meetings and hauling luggage in uncomfortable shoes, the weary traveler wants comfortable accommodations, not surprises. Branded hotel properties offer guests the expected, a consistent level of quality, service and amenities that help to make travel of any sort more pleasant. Maintaining a high standard involves significant planning and maintenance for the hotels, because as welcome as travelers are, they tend to have big expectations and little regard for how they treat the space. “Guests are not the most careful,” says Brett Rossell, Director of Purchasing for Theraldson Hospitality, a Fargo, ND- based developer, builder and manager of hotels, with over 200 business-oriented properties. “They will do some serious damage.” Rossell says this matter of factly, and it doesn’t seem to bother him. Rossell’s business is keeping properties nice, and he has a lot of experience and resources to help him do that. “We franchise with all of the major brands,” says Rossell, “Courtyard Inn, Residence Inn, Hilton Garden Inn, Staybridge Suites and more.”

  • Vancouver International Airport Playscape

    Wilsonart has a long working relationship with designer/fabricator Judson Beaumont. 25 years ago Beaumont mailed photos to a Wilsonart sales rep. What imaginative postforming capabilities!