Vancouver International Airport Playscape


          "When I tell them 'It's
          laminate.' It blows them
          away every time. I like
          that shock value."
-Judson Beaumont




Wilsonart has had a long working relationship with designer/fabricator Judson Beaumont. 25 years ago Judson mailed photos of his one-of-a-kind furniture to a Wilsonart sales representative.  Wilsonart had never seen such imaginative way of showing off the postforming capabilities of laminate.  Judson remarks, “It was the perfect relationship. I get to be creative and they get to show off the inherent characteristics of their product.”

The children’s playscape is just one of several of Judson’s whimsical installations in the Vancouver International Airport.  The playful trailer treehouse and signage is made with Wilsonart x You inside and out. 

According to Judson, “I work with a lot of materials. But I like laminate most because I know its going to last.  I know it will be durable.  When I design for a public space especially, I prefer laminate.  Other materials look banged up and weathered after a few years.  With laminate there is no painting, no sanding. It’s the perfect product.  A client might say they prefer a different material not realizing it can break or rot in a few years. I always offer laminate first.” 

Judson has worked with custom laminate for years, but likes the vision behind Wilsonart x You.  “People don’t get it when they first see it.  Did somebody paint that?  Who drew that?  When I tell them ‘It’s laminate.’  It blows them away every time.  I like that shock value.”

While Judson has a vast and impressive portfolio of work, he has definitely made a name for himself with his funky furniture. “As my work evolves, it gets crazier & crazier. I’m always pushing the limit. If you’re known for being outrageous, they start to expect it from you.  I am always challenging materials - how far can I stretch, twist, bend, or meld something.  It’s a great feeling when veteran woodworkers look at my stuff and say ‘I don’t know how he did that’.”  

You can see Judson’s latest creation at the Vancouver International Airport in the A/B Terminal Connector.  We can’t wait to see what he does next…

Vancouver Airport Custom Laminate - Playscape

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