Wilsonart Woodgrains    Finishes

Wilsonart Woodgrains™ Finishes

The smarter way to do wood.

Wilsonart Woodgrains look and feel real from every angle, with extreme wear resistance that outlasts wood veneer.

Our range of ultra-matte to high gloss sheens includes innovative surfaces that perfectly align woodgrain pattern and texture, as well as AEON™ Technology that protects against damage. We’ve curated our woodgrains by pairing each one with the finish that enhances its unique texture the most.

Textures that intensify the depth and dimension of your woodgrain

Discover the same spectrum of sheens available with wood veneer finishes, enhanced with details like linear ticking and ridges, open or dense grains, and even textures that synchronize with the fine details of your woodgrain pattern.


Looking for a certain sheen to compete the look? Wilsonart Woodgrains™ have a full range of sheens from matte to high gloss. See the finishes below in order from low to high sheen with the gloss readings & texture details included.

0 - 2.5


2.5 - 5


5 - 10


10 - 25


30 - 75





Our finishes are organized from lowest sheen to highest sheen. Refer to the MPI gloss reading of each finish to find the right sheen level for you. For a surface with the highest level of durability, look out for the AEON™ Technology label.​


#31 Traceless

An ultra-matte, smooth finish with a velvety touch and fingerprint resistant technology that leave a rich visual and tactile impression.

#67 Aligned Walnut

A low-sheen, matte finish featuring a detailed wood texture that is synchronized with the walnut grain pattern, creating a vivid natural effect.
Powered by Aeon

#05 Timbergrain

A low-sheen, matte finish enhanced with delicate ticking and natural variation that add subtle dimension to a woodgrain’s surface.
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#17 Silken Wood

A matte finish with a luxurious silky touch, featuring alternating open and dense linear ticking that evokes the tactile qualities of quarter sawn wood.
Powered by Aeon

#28 Gloss Line

An alternating mix of matte and gloss textures arranged in a varying linear structure that enhances close grained wood patterns.
Powered by Aeon

#79 Ridgewood

A matte finish with narrow, irregular ridged features inspired by straight grained wood, creating a dimensional linear effect.
Powered by Aeon

#57 Aligned Oak

A matte finish with textural details that synchronize exactly with the unique grain and cathedraling of oak woodgrains, creating a strikingly natural surface.
Powered by Aeon

 #16 Casual Rustic

A matte finish with higher gloss detailing that blends a linear grain texture with random ticking and irregular features for a rustic, weathered wood look.
Powered by Aeon

#12 SoftGrain

A velvet finish with dense, embossed graining and subtle, randomly placed reflective highlights that blend into a soft and sophisticated raw wood texture.
Powered by Aeon

#21 Soft Silk

A velvet finish with a smooth texture and a low sheen that enhances woodgrain surfaces and leaves an inviting, soft-to-the-touch sensation.
Powered by Aeon

#22 Antique

A velvet finish with a mixture of varying low gloss features and organic texturing that evokes the characteristics of an aged wood surface.
Powered by Aeon

#60 Matte

A velvet finish that features light overall texturing, with a moderate reflective quality that complements a variety of surfaces.

#38 Fine Velvet

An eggshell finish with subtle texturing that lends moderate sheen reflectivity and a smooth touch to woodgrain surfaces.

#18 Linearity

An alternating matte-gloss finish with narrow directional texture that provides dimension and visual movement to complement linear woodgrains.
Powered by Aeon

#78 FineGrain

A smooth, semi-gloss finish with light textural details that subtly evoke the narrow grain structure of a luxurious, moderately reflective wood.
Powered by Aeon

#07 Textured Gloss

A semi-gloss finish enhanced with fine texturing, featuring the sheen level and softly reflective quality of a waxed wood surface.
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High Gloss

#01 High Gloss

A high gloss finish with a mirrorlike reflective sheen level that creates the smooth, brilliant appearance of a varnished or lacquered wood.
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Tough technology that outlasts wood veneer

With AEON™ Enhanced Scratch & Scuff-Resistant Technology, Wilsonart Woodgrains deliver unmatched performance over wood veneer sheets, standing up to wear in high-traffic areas. The result: you get the look you love without the costly future repairs and replacements.
Compared to wood veneer, our woodgrains are up to:













Let’s talk woodgrains

Ready to specify? Need help ordering samples? Or do you want something fully custom? Let our knowledgeable woodgrain experts help.

Innovative finishes that align with nature

We’re not satisfied with woodgrains that just look real. They need to feel real too. Our exclusive aligned finishes use industry-leading technology to synchronize texture with grain pattern and create a deeper, more vivid look and feel.

Cut and matches that celebrate wood

Our woodgrains are thoughtfully paired with cuts and matches that reveal the inner beauty of each species, delivering luxe wood looks with more consistency and better availability than veneer.

Complete your vision with a custom stain

With our custom staining available in select species, you can create a unique look and get it delivered on time. Your custom prestained sample ships within 28 days.

Frequently asked questions

Do Wilsonart Woodgrains offer the same range of sheens as wood veneer?

Yes, Wilsonart Woodgrains are available in a variety of ultra-matte, matte, velvet, eggshell, semi-gloss, and high gloss textures similar to the many types of veneer finishes..

What’s the difference between a Wilsonart Woodgrains finish and a wood veneer topcoat?

Like a wood veneer topcoat, a Wilsonart Woodgrains finish controls the final appearance and texture of your woodgrain. Unlike a wood veneer which requires a stain and topcoat to be applied separately, Wilsonart Woodgrains provide a range of prefinished options for you to choose from, similar to prefinished veneer panels. With AEON Technology, our woodgrains are also up to 16X more wear resistant than wood veneer finishes.

Can I order a sample of any woodgrain combined with any sheen option?

Wilsonart Woodgrains are curated to help you choose the finish that best complements your choice of species, cut, and match. These ready-to-order combinations of species, cut, match, and finish are available in two collections: 100+ in-stock samples, which ship to you in 5 days or less, and 250+ on-demand samples, which ship in less than 21 days. If these collections of 400+ combinations don’t have what you’re looking for, you can request a bespoke sample with your choice of woodgrain and finish. Contact your Wilsonart rep to learn more.

Do Wilsonart Woodgrains have a realistic wood texture?

Our woodgrains highlight what makes wood beautiful — the nuances of grain and texture that makes each species so distinct. Unlike other wood laminate sheets, our woodgrain collection includes finishes that perfectly align the outer texture with the printed grain underneath, creating a similar feel to embossed veneer. These aligned finishes are available for a range of species, including oak and walnut.

Are Wilsonart Woodgrains more durable than wood veneer?

Wilsonart Woodgrains finishes are powered by AEON Technology, and engineered to look as good on Day 10,000 as they do on Day 1. Compared to wood veneer, our woodgrain laminate surfaces are up to: 16X more wear resistant, 9X more dent resistant, 7X more crack resistant, 4X more scratch resistant, 3X more cleanable, and 2X more scuff resistant. This superior laminate durability makes them a smart wood veneer alternative for high-use areas.