Wilsonart’s Digital Print Studio combines our curated Virtual Design Library (VDL) and Wilsonart By You (true custom laminate), creating a whole new set of possibilities to traditional HPL. Whether it's bringing bundles of new design to the masses at the speed of falling ink droplets, or creating a completely customized design for the unique visionary in everyone, our Digital Print Studio offers easy solutions never before available to the laminate industry.




With over 500 designs, and more launching each quarter, our Virtual Design Library (VDL) offers unprecedented design choice. It’s the same quality product you expect from Wilsonart, made right here in the USA, and shipped from our facility in Texas just 14 short days after you place your order.


Wilsonart’s Virtual Design Library was created with one purpose in mind: Offer the design community more inspirational design choice in the HPL market, while not compromising the quality or the service you expect from the world leader in the category.

Our VDL collection is not dependent on whatever designs happen to roll out of the far ends of the world. Our collections are curated from our own designers in conjunction with the design community. That means on-trend design that is instantly relevant in any space.

It’s easy to see, easy to order, and easy to use. There are no minimums OR maximums, so you have the peace of mind to know Wilsonart has you covered.... in style.

To see a sample (7x9) or to place an order, simply contact your local Wilsonart Rep.


With the ability to take your original artwork and turn it into quality HPL, Wilsonart By You (WXY) is the perfect answer to the need for personalization, branding, or simply setting a space apart from the norm.


With over 20 years of experience in the custom laminate game, Our WXY team has been turning client artwork into a functional, durable product for decades, and with the option to incorporate any of our VDL designs into your vision, WXY has never been more dynamic.

Wilsonart takes the complexity out of customization. By utilizing in-house graphic design, our own manufacturing facility, and our own fleet, we control the process from start to finish. That means more material choice, no minimum order requirement, and shipment within 21 days of sample approval and order.

Upload your artwork below or contact your local rep today and bring your own vision into a functional, durable, reality.


By combining the vast number of design choices within our Virtual Design Library with the customization capabilities of Wilsonart By You, design as never been more democratized. Wish that weathered oak was a little warmer? Let us know. You like a particular VDL design, but wish to incorporate a logo? Let’s do it! It’s easier than you think. In fact, we do it almost every day.


The concept is a simple, the implementation is not. That’s why only Wilsonart offers hundreds of boutique designs available at a whim, along with the ability to alter color or even the structure of each. How can we do it? Because we do everything in-house. Our prints, our designers, our pleasure.


Of course our VDL designs are great straight from the printer as intended, but in some cases, you may be looking for that ever-elusive color that just doesn’t seem available anywhere you source design. The Wilsonart Design Studio solves this dilemma by leveraging the customization of WXY with the design choices of VDL.