Brownstone Pancake Factory

Over 45 years ago, a young couple bought a small subway car diner that grew into a very successful family business. The Brownstone Pancake Factory now boasts two locations and serves as the local pancake hub for the residents of New Jersey.

Having been featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, the Brownstone Pancake Factory is no stranger to the limelight. That is why they brought in celebrity interior designer Vanessa DeLeon Bournias to design the recently opened Edgewater location. Vanessa looked to Wilsonart to help accomplish her vision for the upsidedown theme in one part of the diner. “Every design should have an element that really stands out. Having discovered WilsonartXYou, I knew it would be the perfect product to complete my upside-down design,” said DeLeon.

DeLeon grew up with Wilsonart. Her father, a huge proponent of the brand, fabricated laminate furniture, cabinets, closets and many commercial spaces, inspiring her to be a brand advocate as well. Vanessa has relied on Wilsonart for various commercial and hospitality projects as well as custom-made installations for reception areas, children’s playrooms and waiting rooms.

For this particular project, Vanessa was eager to work with WilsonartXYou. She described the process as “smooth sailing”. “When I provided Wilsonart with the image, the colors were exactly the pigment I wanted and the image looked real! It was flawless”, she exclaimed.

Vanessa looks forward to working with Wilsonart again. “I think Wilsonart is a fantastic, innovative company who knows what they’re doing.”

We look forward to partnering again soon too, Vanessa!

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