The Aiden Hotel San Antonio


How do you feel after settling into the perfect hotel?
Invited. Inspired. Invigorated. 
That’s how Best Western wants every guest to feel when staying at their brand-new line of boutique hotels. Aiden by Best Western® is an innovative concept with 25 locations across the globe, founded on the design concept that a chic interior can inspire the traditional feeling of an inviting, comfortable stay.

But when it comes to interior design at Aiden, there’s more to the story.

Remarkably, every Aiden hotel is distinctly designed for a look and feel that is completely unique to the individual property. At Aiden’s new San Antonio location, this meant synthesizing a contemporary European look with an industrial glam styling that pays homage to the historical location of the hotel.So how was this eclectic vision delivered? With a wide array of Wilsonart® surfaces and the expertise of San Antonio-based HSI Design Group.
“We wanted the hotel to be a buzz-worthy spot where both tourists and locals would gather.”
Lisa Petrosky, Principal/Managing Member, HSI Design Group

“The goal was to create something new and different for San Antonio with an industrial glam feel. The hotel resides in the St. Paul Square Historic District, which is being revitalized as an entertainment district. The lobby dates to 1910 and is a contributing structure to the historic district,” says Petrosky.

HSI Design Group needed a wide variety of surfaces when designing Aiden — but not necessarily a wide variety of designs. That’s why their team often relied on Wilsonart’s coordinated solutions for complete design cohesion. For example, luxury woodgrain designs from Wilsonart Woodgrains® were used throughout guestrooms, achieving the beauty and texture of strikingly real wood across multiple applications.

“We could specify the same color material in various grades to help meet performance, cost, and time constraints,” says Petrosky.

Wilsonart Woodgrains® offer a smarter way to do wood at Aiden. Dering Forest can be found on cabinets, closets, and desks. Drawer fronts feature the brighter, complementary Friston Ash design. And the resulting effect? The look and feel of real wood, paired with the superior durability and availability of a Wilsonart® engineered surface. For any project, Wilsonart Woodgrains® offer unlimited species, cuts, stains, and finishes — all captured in a tougher, more sustainable material than wood veneer.

In the lobby and common areas, Smoky Velvet Elm from Traceless™ by Wilsonart® showcases the appearance of genuine woodgrain on cabinets, paired with an ultra-luxe, ultra-matte texture. The application of Traceless™ also benefits from fingerprint resistance and simple repairability. Using a single source for multiple surfaces meant that HSI Design Group could deliver their vision by easily “pulling together samples, obtaining budgetary numbers, and requesting assistance on specifications” without the traditional challenges that can arise when using multiple partners. Just recently, a createyour-own, digitally printed Wilsonart® HPL design was even produced to replace elevator surface panels from a different manufacturer that did not perform.

Why? Because according to Petrosky, “When you have one source that can help on many levels, it makes sense to utilize their full capabilities.”

In one instance, HSI Design Group turned to Wilsonart when the overseas specification of a quartz surface fell through. Petrosky says, “we turned first to Wilsonart for assistance in surfacing materials because they lead the industry in innovation of new products.” A locally available Wilsonart® Quartz design, Madeira Beach, immediately satisfied the need for a high-end, luxury quartz solution in guest room kitchenettes and vanities.

Nearly every space in a popular hotel is a hightraffic space. From the guestrooms to the restrooms, Wilsonart surfaces were the practical, cost-effective, and long-lasting solution that prioritized both performance and design. And one particular surface innovation stood out as a perfect enhancement during the Aiden development process — Wilsonart’s AEON™ Technology.

When powered by AEON™ Technology, Wilsonart Woodgrains® are 3X more resistant to wear, scratches, and scuffing, compared to other laminates. In practice, this means an artsy, eclectic design on Wilsonart Woodgrains® can last beautifully at the Aiden and stand up to daily wear from hotel guests and staff. Wilsonart® Compact Laminate provided even greater durability in specific high-impact spaces like common area restrooms. Compact Laminate in a simple High Rise design was used to create robust partitions that elevate the hotel’s aesthetic in an unpredictable environment.

“The blend of luxury feel with durability has immensely contributed to the positive feedback we’ve received from our guests.”
Aiden Hotel spokesperson

HSI Design Group partnered with Artone LLC, a custom fabrication and furniture manufacturer based in New York, to fabricate guestroom casegoods. "Artone gave us the resources and collaboration to meet project demands, despite hardware availability issues and COVID-19 production line staffing shortages. Combining their expertise with the unmatched availability of Wilsonart surfaces made our job easier," says a representative from HSI Design Group.

Aiden guests continue to praise the property’s design. HSI’s Lisa Petrosky comments, “The finished product surpassed my expectations on many levels. We incorporated a lot of new technology, lighting, and materials and it is great to see the guest reviews of the hotel with specific comments on the design.”In light of the stunning results and positive guest reviews, Best Western recently awarded Aiden’s developer with a Developer of the Year award. The award represents the power of partnership — and the possibilities of ambitious design.

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