The Adams' Modern Farm House

Custom Home in British Columbia Modernizes the Farmhouse Look With Help From the Wilsonart® High Pressure Laminate (HPL) surfaces

Custom Home in British Columbia Modernizes the Farmhouse Look With Help From Wilsonart® High Pressure Laminate (HPL) surfaces

The Adams family wanted a cozy farmhouse with a slight industrial feel for their rural acreage in Greendale, British Columbia, Canada. For their dream house, they turned to home design experts Su Casa, in collaboration with Alair Homes Chilliwack, to create a contemporary farmhouse with an open floor plan perfect for entertaining extended family and friends.

High-performing surfaces with a natural aesthetic

Through the home, the Adams incorporated Wilsonart High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) surfaces for their natural aesthetic and superior performance. The stone HPL countertops are beautifully designed to look like authentic stone, accentuating the contemporary farmhouse design and providing the durability appropriate to the working spaces of the kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry room.

The countertops are designed to stand up to daily use and look great long into the future. Wilsonart HPL is not only stain, moisture, and scratch resistant, it’s also easy to clean and maintain, making it the perfect choice to stand up to a busy lifestyle. With 2X more post-consumer recycled content than any other laminate brand, Wilsonart HPL is one of the most innovative materials available for vertical and horizontal applications. It is the smart and sustainable choice for the Adams’ modern farmhouse design. 

Elements of a traditional farmhouse

A traditional farmhouse was meant to meet the needs of working farms and large families with floorplans that were designed to easily expand a much smaller house or homestead. Front rooms tended to be formal, while rooms at the back of the house were smaller and casual.

This style has since evolved into a timeless look that retains the farm feel while infusing more modern sensibilities. However, the kitchen was and remains the heart of the home in both classic and contemporary farmhouse-inspired designs. 


Incorporating classic elements with an industrial edge

Like the traditional farmhouse, the Adams’ new family home has an expansive kitchen. It features everything one has come to expect from a modern farmhouse kitchen, with a dash of industrial influence.

The island makes a dramatic impact, featuring a square edge laminate countertop style in Black Alicante from the HPL Residential Collection. The shades of grey and black and delicate white veining beautifully tie together the creamy white cabinets and Carrera marble tile backsplash. The contrast between these elements is softened with the wide-plank knotty wood flooring that complements the dark wooden beams above and accentuates the vaulted ceilings.

The industrial edge is apparent in the on-trend mixture of metals that includes matte black hanging light fixtures, matte black faucets, and a statement stove hood that call out the black marble-look countertop. Hammered copper farmhouse-style sinks and satin nickel hardware complete the look.


Blending organic elements and durability

The laundry room in this contemporary farmhouse is bright and airy evoking the sense of fresh linen on a summer day. The design plays with natural and organic elements, featuring just the right amount of traditional farmhouse style, with open shelving containing baskets of commonly used household items, balanced with closed doors to hide additional storage.

The woodgrain countertop in Kingswood Walnut complements the wood flooring perfectly and draws the eye. The striking and dramatic raw walnut coloration with a balance of even grain, small cathedrals, and fine texture adds warmth and character to the space. In addition, woodgrain in HPL gives you the look of natural wood along with the most durable, superior performance. HPL is ideal for use throughout the whole home, and engineered to stand up to daily use, looking great long into the future.

The home has three bathrooms. Two favor modern sophistication with white trimmed walls that accentuate the dramatic black marble-look HPL countertops. The Black Alicante countertop with the stunning shades of gray and black and fine white and black veining, is the same surface as the kitchen island, creating a consistent aesthetic throughout the home and adding outstanding performance. Sconces added to the mirrors reflect extra light into the rooms and add a hint of traditional style.

Hidden behind classic barn doors is the main bathroom. This elegant space combines a crisp, black-framed mirror and a bright white sink and tub with the organic feel of the countertop. The natural look woodgrain of Kingswood Walnut adds warmth and texture to the space. The shiplap walls provide the right amount of texture and elevate the look and feel of the room beyond the typical en suite.

This custom home is the perfect example of practicality and beauty, much needed in a busy and lived-in home. Wilsonart’s High-Pressure Laminate delivers a natural look that emphasizes and blends with the farmhouse design. The superior performance offers the best of durability and style for a modern home built with affordability in mind.


Kingswood Walnut




Black Alicante




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