Campus Dental

Located in Vancouver, Canada, Campus Dental near the University of British Columbia campus focuses on providing general and specialized dentistry to the University of British Columbia students, residents, employees, and faculty.

T H E   C H A L L E N G E

This project's catalyst was a unique opportunity: 123 Dentists acquired a space near the UBC campus to build their practice. Studio Liat was asked to create a bright, airy clinic that exuded warmth and a friendly environment despite low ceilings and small areas, it was critical to find materials that added a sense of openness. Plus, because of its clinical function, the selected surfaces had to pass stringent third-party certifications and withstand disinfection protocols and daily use. Liat Nirenberg, owner and designer of Studio Liat said, “The materials needed to be highly durable, wear well, and support a sterile working environment, Wilsonart’s product offerings met all of the above.”

T H E   S U R F A C E S

The design team used Wilsonart’s Traceless™ Black Velvet HPL and Wilsonart® Traceless™ Snow White Velvet HPL in the reception area, providing a durable, non-porous material that could be easily cleaned with the added benefit of a unique fingerprint-resistant technology. Natural Recon HPL added a calming natural element to the reception area by being clad to the walls that could be seen throughout the office at different vantage points. Wilsonart® Quartz Rain Shadow was used in the treatment rooms providing a non-porous, scratch-resistant surface while also juxtaposed with Wilsonart Satin Stainless HPL on all of the interior millwork, adding a sophisticated brightness.

T H E   R E S U LT

We were able to accomplish the clean, cool, and comfortable challenge, mixed with safe, sanitary, and solution-minded.

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