LEED v4 stands as another bright spot in a lineage of positive (albeit imperfect) impact, serving as evidence that the creators of the system continue to be engaged in the task of how to work towards a very difficult goal in a field entrenched in the economic and cultural inertia of the status quo.

Materials and Resources

  • Building Product Disclosure and Optimization
    • Environmental Product Disclosures
      • Option 1 - Industry-Wide EPD (Generic) for the laminate used in the final product
  • Sourcing of Raw Materials
    • Option 2 - Leadership Extraction Practices
      • Wood Products
        • Forest Stewardship Council Certification - Wilsonart was the first North American Laminate manufacturer to receive Forest Stewardship Council® Chain of Custody (CoC) Certification SCS-COC-002415. All standard Wilsonart® Laminates are available on request as FSC Mix Credit.
      • Recycled Content
        • SCS Global Services Certification on specific product types

Wilsonart® Laminate (Types 335, 735) contains a minimum of 34% post-consumer recycled content SCS-MC-02028. This is the highest percentage of post-consumer content in our industry (as published on our competitor’s websites).

Wilsonart® Laminate (Types 350, 376, 776) contains a minimum of 22% post-consumer recycled content SCS-MC-03133.

Wilsonart® Laminate (Types 107, 174) contains a minimum of 17% post-consumer recycled content SCS-MC-03131.

Wilsonart® Laminate backers (Types 203, 207) contain a minimum of 32% post-consumer recycled content SCS-MC-02027.

Wilsonart® Laminate backers (Types 202, 220, 230) contain a minimum of 67% post-consumer recycled content SCS-MC-02478.

Wilsonart® Laminate backers (Types 362, 364, 367, 762) contain a minimum of 32% post-consumer recycled content SCS-MC-06240.

Wilsonart® Laminate backers (Types 372, 374, 377) contain a minimum of 21% post-consumer recycled content SCS-MC-06241.

Indoor Air Quality

  • Low Emitting Materials
    • General emissions evaluation
      • UL GREENGUARD low chemical emissions testing - Wilsonart Laminate exceeds the industry's highest standards for Indoor Air Quality, with UL GREENGUARD Gold Certification for low chemical emissions on all laminate types. 
  • Indoor Air Quality Assessment
    • Specify low emitting Wilsonart® products

Interior Lighting

  • Option 2 - Lighting Quality
    • Subpart "F" - Work Surface Reflectance
      • Pattern dependent

Building Product Disclosure and Optimization - Material Ingredients