Wilsonart® RE-COVER™

Wilsonart®  RE-COVER Laminate is designed for "do overs" — an innovative option combining a laminate or Decorative Metal and pre-applied adhesive.

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Designed for flat vertical surfaces like casework, wainscoting, fixtures, interior doors, elevator cabs, and fixtures, RE-COVER™ Laminate combines vertical grade laminate and pre-applied adhesive to creative an alternative time- and money-saving option.

Available in hundreds of designs, RE-COVER can be quickly installed and fabricated over existing High Pressure Laminate, Low Pressure Laminate or suitable substrates, such as particleboard, MDF or plywood with an "A" face, or a painted/stained wood surface.

For any space that can't afford business interruptions, desparately needs to be refreshed, and would benefit from lower VOCs, RE-COVER is a smart and safe way to refurbish a space.