Wilsonart® NF702/703 Nonflammable Canisterized Contact Adhesive  WA-NF702/703

Wilsonart® NF702/703 Nonflammable Canisterized Contact Adhesive WA-NF702/703 Adhesive Countertops

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Open Time: 30 minute
Dry Time: 3-5 minute
Coverage (Bonded): 20-25 sq.ft./lb at 2.5 dry grams/sq.ft.
VHAP Content: 0 g/l (0.00 lbs/gal)
VOC Content: 819 g/L
Color: Green (NF702); Natural (NF703)
Density: 9.97 lbs/gl

  • A blend of synthetic rubbers in nonflammable solvents that delivers rapid, high-strength bonds 
  • High solids and does NOT contain methylene chloride, nPB, or flammable propellants
  • Contains the same rubbers and resins as WA 700/701
  • Tacky to the touch when ready to bond
  • DOT “Green Diamond” shipping designation
  • Self-contained spray for flatwork applications
  • Can be supplied with spray gun and hose to divert fast high strength bonds and heat resistance to over 200°F
  • Available size(s): 9-lb. & 30-lb. disposable/recyclable canisters, 140-lb. & 300-lb.
  • Returnable canisters
  • Professional use only


  • Eco Credentials

    Eco Credentials

    Third-party certification available for this product. See Technical Specs & Certifications below.

  • Non Flammable

    Non Flammable

    This product does not pose a fire-safety risk.