The Calacatta Collection

The Calacatta Collection

This collection includes a high-end selection of quartz designs inspired by the rarest, most sought-after marble found in the Northern region of Carrara, Italy.

Journey with us to Calacatta. There we find pure perfection written in the stone in the mountains of Northern Italy. Battling high altitudes and elements, this is where you’ll find our inspiration: Calacatta marble. It is the most coveted surface on Earth with patterns resembling the clean, fresh air of the mountain range combined with the profound impact made over time. And now, Calacatta is the latest muse for our engineered Quartz Collection.

Exhibiting deep veining and a look and feel that’s modern and timeless, Wilsonart offers the luxurious look of Calacatta fortified with the practical approachability, durability, cleanability, and everyday function of Wilsonart® Quartz. Browse this unique collection and all it has to offer a space, or find your Wilsonart® Sales Representative to request a sample today.