Femme Next Generation Women's Care

Femme was created to empower women to focus on their health and aesthetic needs all in a welcoming and comfortable setting. A first-of-its-kind women’s urgent care and med spa, Femme is intentionally designed to support wellness, provide accurate diagnoses, and meet the needs of women and their families.

T H E   F A C I L I T Y

While exam rooms are designed to create calm and build trust between patient and provider, the entire state-of-the-art facility is aimed at creating an attractive, functional, and stress-free environment while accommodating availability. With the ultimate multi-tasker in mind, designated work stations, Montessori-style play spaces, beverage stations, nursing rooms, and other convenient accommodations are featured. Every square inch has been maximized to create a space dedicated to serving women’s unique needs and providing a satisfying experience.

T H E   S O L U T I O N

Femme’s owner partnered with Simour®, an interior design firm specializing in healthcare. Inspired by the clinic’s holistic approach to healing, Simour® worked swiftly to incorporate beauty, comfort, functionality, and flow, while designing a space focused on total wellness. When selecting the material finishes for Femme, the designers found their ideal match in the textures and patterns of Wilsonart® Quartz and Laminate. They also discovered a treasure trove of unique offerings in Wilsonart’s Virtual Design Library.

T H E   R E S U LT

Wilsonart materials are used throughout Femme to create an ambiance of beauty and warmth. The beige tones of Western White Pine Y0693 provide calm while its durability makes it perfect for accent walls and toy shelves. The clean, bright effect of Wilsonart's Designer White D354, which is used on casework, adds contrast to the space’s pops of color. To give reception and auxiliary rooms a bit of brilliance and glamour, Wilsonart® Quartz in Coastal Q4036 and Serene Q1001 were employed. "Our client is very pleased with the outcome of the entire project, says Simour® CEO & Founder, Mitra Silva. She loves how everything ties together and how we achieved the vision she had of the space at the beginning. One of our visiting clients even shared this statement: 'Visually, it's the most relaxing and aesthetically pleasing medical clinic I've ever been to.' 

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