Foundry Ridge Meadows

Partnering with WORK Design Studio, Foundry Ridge Meadows designed a welcoming space that is a perfect combination of durability and warmth. Safety and fun. Practicality and imagination.

T H E   C H A L L E N G E

Sometimes, functionality and a sense of comfort can feel at odds. At Foundry Ridge Meadows, this was not an option. Function and safety were priority to ensure the health and wellness of youth and their families. However, to help fulfill the organization’s purpose, it had to feel inviting. “As a youth wellness center, we wanted to ensure the materials would hold up over time, so durability played a large role in our material selection process,” said Vanessa Jansen, Principal of WORK Design Studio. "Therefore materials were selected with the help of various youth stakeholders, to create a non institutional approach to healthcare and mental health services. Infection control and durability were key and helped drive the overall product selection."

T H E   S U R F A C E S

Knowing the importance of creating a safe environment in this space, the community members, youth, and stakeholders were involved in the project, from functional programming to furniture selection and material selection. A mix of Wilsonart® HPL surfaces including High Wear HPL was the perfect solution, considering durability and disinfection procedures.

T H E   R E S U LT

A beautiful, warm, welcoming space where the community feels a sense of ownership and safety. The woodgrain helps create residential warmth, while the punch of color brings a youthful and fun touch.

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