Our Lady of Consolation

Our Lady of Consolation Nursing & Rehabilitative Care Center located in West Islip, New York was originally constructed in 1975. More than 20 years later, the facility has expanded with 80,000 sq. ft. in additions. It has witnessed several major upgrades designed to improve the healthcare built environment for their patients, as well as the unique rehabilitation services provided to their in-house residents and local community members.

In early 2017, Our Lady of Consolation Foundation Board sought out to enhance two areas within the facility that served all residents, visitors, and employees. In order to create a more comfortable and welcoming area for the residents and their guests, the facility built a new coffee shop called the Founders Café. Intentionally renovated with materials that would keep the space bright and cheerful, the layout also included a removal of the solid corridor walls replaced with decorative glass paneled partitions to enrich the pleasant, open and airy atmosphere.

It was also important to the Foundation Board to have a new space entirely dedicated to employees. The chapel, dining cafeteria and large group lounge room underwent a conscientious renovation; transforming it into a multi-functional space where employees could quietly enjoy their meals, socialize and rejuvenate during breaks. To achieve the bright, airy, and functional appeal desired for the space, the café and multi-use employee area utilized Wilsonart® High Pressure Laminate in Asian Sand for the casework, tables and counter walls, while Wilsonart® Solid Surface in Chai Cream Mirage bedecked the countertops.

Since the project’s completion, the Foundation Board has received positive feedback from the residents, staff and visitors, as well as a boost to employee morale.

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