Stony Brook Medicine - Advanced Specialty Care Center

“The best ideas in medicine.” This is the tagline of Stony Brook Medicine, a leading academic medical center, whose pursuit of excellence hinges upon a commitment to advanced education, technology, and innovation. The latest archetype of this pledge takes form in a new 120,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art Advanced Specialty Care Center in the heart of Long Island. Paving the way for the next generation of multispecialty facilities, this integrated healthcare system was developed to support the growing healthcare needs of the Commack community and offers more than 30 medical specialties.

Designed to provide high-quality healthcare and value in numerous fields of health services, the facility is a highly demanding built environment—one that requires surfaces that can match its performance. More than seven designs across three products from Wilsonart’s broad range of engineered surfaces were incorporated into the design. A stairway made out of one of the strongest materials on earth—quartz—that is, Wilsonart’s Quartz in Haida is a perfect example of function and splendor. An atypical application of quartz provides patients and staff with a unique lobby feature that can stand up to the constant hustle and bustle of patient care while maintaining its appeal.

Wilsonart® Quartz (Haida, Galileo and Lyra), along with Solid Surface (Moon Geyser) and Laminate (Ebony Char and Asian Sand) grace the countertops, casework and window sills throughout each specialty’s common areas, reception desks and nurse stations. The patient exam areas and bathrooms also feature a variety of Wilsonart® Quartz and Laminate (Grey, White Driftwood, Asian Sand and Phantom Ecru). The overall design is a seamless blend of beauty, high-performing finishes and materials that transform the space into a welcoming and functional environment.

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