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Embrace Designs That Touch the Senses

Psychiatrist, Dr. Harold H. Bloomfield says, “One touch is worth ten thousand words.” However, the past two-plus years of sensory-deprived lockdowns, have ignited a desire for interiors that provide a sense of physicality. The growing field of neuroaesthetics, the study of the effect of design and art on the brain, reinforces this idea. Environments that are peaceful and calm are inspired by a virtual world where imagination is the primary force. Desaturated hues cover delicate, sparse areas to act as a buffer against outside noise. The emergence from our pandemic cocoons to the outside world bears fruit in the form of residential designs that make people feel good via soft colors, surreal influences, and spaces that incite wonder, elevate moods and provide a sense of well-being. 


The 2022 Wilsonart® Traceless™ Laminate collection takes these on-trend ideas to the next level with luxurious surfaces you can touch without leaving a trace. The new collection features an ultra-matte finish and 10 designs, all carefully chosen according to the newest modern color palette. The soft to the touch, velvety variety of our latest Traceless laminate embodies trends we started seeing in 2022 that will become even stronger into 2023 and beyond.

Inspired by the digital world, soft spaces provide serenity and ethereal escape


Soft surrealism combined with the return to a mid-century modern design aesthetic inspires calm and sparks the imagination. Inspired by the digital world and the virtual metaverse, today, the palette is desaturated and muted- even calming. Update the kitchen for 2023 with the multi-sensory beauty of Wilsonart® Traceless™. For clients who long for the simplicity of mid-century modern, this material is amazingly easy to clean and incredibly durable, making it ideal for high-traffic areas like the kitchen. Try cabinets in Silk Velvet if you want to merge the latest trend, or Linen Velvet, for customers who are more reticent or prefer an all-white look.


Wilsonart® Tracelesstm

Silk Velvet



Wilsonart® Tracelesstm

Linen Velvet



Seek calm through color you can feel without touching

This year’s modern muted palette creates calm in other ways beyond the surreal. Achieve this year’s soft-scaping trend by layering different values of the same hue for chromatic calm, spa-like primary bathrooms and kitchens with multi-use areas that look more like the living room than a kitchen.

“Sage green is a non-intimidating way for even color phobes to dip into a more distinct palette.”

                                                                                                                                                         - Apartment Therapy

The color of the year is green, particularly the nature-inspired hues like sage and spruce. The Traceless™ collection from Wilsonart has several options from the pale to vibrant that work together or alone. For a lighter, more whimsical environment we recommend the lighter tones of Icecap Velvet, Ethereal Velvet (featured below), and Spruce Velvet. For clients who want something that provides a deeper, richer serenity, try the bolder bluish green of Peacock Velvet for a color-drenched kitchen that makes a statement and eases anxieties.

Wilsonart® Tracelesstm

Icecap Velvet



Wilsonart® Tracelesstm

Ethereal Velvet



Wilsonart® Tracelesstm

Spruce Velvet



Wilsonart® Tracelesstm

Peacock Velvet



Explore the Traceless™ Collection

No matter which trends your designs capture or your customers demand, Wilsonart® Traceless™ Laminate designs provide silky textures and ultra-matte finishes for cabinets, countertops, accent walls, and more. Traceless embodies the sustainable luxury that today’s homeowners demand. Every space should feel perfect, explore the collection and discover a true surface sensation that works in all your designs.

The Wonder of Walnut.

Walnut TFL helps the kitchen, office space, primary and secondary bathrooms at Fairview Slopes speak a uniform design language. In the kitchen, white upper cabinets pair effortlessly with customized TFL panels that conceal appliances. During broad daylight, the nature-inspired glow of TFL wall panels results in an office that seldom needs indoor lighting.


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