Wilsonart® 121 Adhesive Cleaner  WA-121

Wilsonart® 121 Adhesive Cleaner WA-121 Adhesive Countertops

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Solids Content: 0%
Composite Part. Pres: 245 mm Hg @ 20°C
Color: Clear (121)
VOC/liter of material: 702 g/L (Calculated)
Density: 5.85 lbs/gallon
VHAP Content: 10 g/L (0.09 lbs/gal)

  • Removes overspray and adhesive residue from fabricated parts and decorative surfaces
  • Effective by only dissolving the adhesive resins and not the rubber
  • No smearing or leftover adhesive film
  • Do not use for cleaning application equipment or utensils
  • Available size(s): 1-gallon can, 5-gallon pail and 55-gallon drum


  • Eco Credentials

    Eco Credentials

    Third-party certification available for this product. See Technical Specs & Certifications below.