Wilsonart Woodgrains®   Custom Staining

Wilsonart Woodgrains®   Custom Staining

The smarter way to do wood.

Create a one-of-a-kind wood look with custom staining that can match any color target.

Woodgrains Custom Staining allows you to explore the endless possibilities for wood customization in just 3 simple steps, whether you need to slightly tweak a neutral beige or want a dazzling bright color.

Samples ship in 7-10 days

Once you order a personalized sample, it’ll 
ship to you in as little as one week.

Sheets ship in 28 days

When you coordinate with your Wilsonart rep and local supplier, your HPL sheets ship in as little as 4 weeks.

No minimums or maximums

There’s no minimum or maximum order requirement, so you can create a custom laminate for a project of any size.

Bring your true vision out of the woodwork

Craft your custom stained woodgrain sample


Select a woodgrain structure

Choose the species you want to stain. You can simply pick one of our featured woodgrains (Oak, Straight Cut Oak, Walnut, Rift Walnut), or manually select any of our hundreds of on-demand woodgrain patterns.


Select your stain color

Provide the color name and color number from the color system of your choice, such as Benjamin Moore, Pantone®, PPG, or Sherwin-Williams®.

Keep in mind that uncoated and matte colors yield the best results, and that pearlescent or metallic colors cannot be matched. 


Approve your sample

In 7-10 days, we’ll produce and ship you a sample with 4 color variations based on your custom stain color, representing our best effort to match it. Once you choose and approve your favorite variation, it’s time to coordinate specification with your Wilsonart rep.

Let's talk woodgrains

Ready to specify? Need help ordering samples? Or do you want something fully custom? Let our knowledgeable woodgrain experts help.

Discover trending stain options curated for you

Get the classic look of walnut veneer or white oak veneer with a curated collection of 20+ pre-stained woodgrains in contemporary neutral and bold cool tones.

Spectrum Color Alteration

Capture any color on the spectrum in an optical solid color high pressure laminate that perfectly matches your design palette.

Wilsonart By You

Turn your artwork into a one-of-a-kind high pressure laminate, whether that’s a unique pattern, a wall panel, or a logo integration.

Frequently asked questions

Can I apply a custom stain to any wood species?

If you want the classic look of walnut veneer or white oak veneer paired with a custom stain color, simply apply your color to one of our four Featured Woodgrains: Oak, Straight Cut Oak, Walnut, or Rift Walnut. 

If you want to custom stain a different species, Wilsonart Custom Staining makes it possible to apply any color to any of our customizable on-demand woodgrains, which capture the look of mahogany veneer, teak veneer, and many other rare species. That means you can get the look of exotic and custom veneer panels without the natural inconsistencies of staining real wood.

What is the difference between a custom stain and a custom wood match?

A custom stain involves picking a single color and wood design, and our team will digitally apply the color through a process that is similar to how staining real wood would work. This means that the wood design and color you start with affects the final color output.

A custom wood match involves sending in a wood or laminate sample to be recreated by our graphics team. This is a much more involved and time-consuming process, because we are working to create as close a match as possible. Because of this, you can expect a similar price point to Wilsonart by You custom laminate.

How do I order custom stained wood laminate sheets?

If you’re ready to go beyond specifying and place your custom HPL order, your Wilsonart rep can help. They’ll guide you through the process of coordinating with your fabricator and a nearby local distributor who can supply your custom design.

What’s the difference between wood veneer and Wilsonart Woodgrains HPL?

Veneer is a thin layer or sheet of wood that is typically sliced or peeled from a log or a larger piece of wood. Much of the tree goes to waste and wood veneer sheets are vulnerable to everyday wear and tear. Wilsonart Woodgrains are high pressure laminate, composed of multiple layers of paper saturated with phenolic resin and bonded together under high pressure and heat. With a woodgrain decorative layer that replicates the best species, stains, and cuts of real wood, Wilsonart Woodgrains are up to 16X more durable than veneer and created with 23% post-consumer recycled content.

Does Wilsonart offer custom laminate countertops near me?

If you’re ready to go beyond specifying and place your order for custom wood laminate sheeting for countertops or other surfaces, your Wilsonart rep will guide you through the process of coordinating with your fabricator and a nearby local distributor who can supply your custom design.