Bespoke Closets & Organized Spaces

A European-Inspired Masterpiece: Bespoke Closets & Organized Spaces

The word “bespoke” is defined as “made for a particular customer or user.”

But at Bespoke Closets & Organized Spaces, it means so much more. Led by experienced designers, the Michigan-based division of Burke Architectural Millwork is on a mission to craft premium organized spaces for homes, commercial environments, and more. Always luxurious. Always intentional. Always bespoke.

So when the team set out to build their flagship design studio, every detail was considered and every surface was carefully selected. The studio is affectionately called “Casa di Burke” as a nod to the European design influences that shape the space. Throughout the 1800 sq. ft. area, clients can explore products, finishes, and surfaces that will deliver their vision for organized luxury.  

“Our mission is to provide products and finishes that can’t be seen anywhere else. We strive to be ahead of the trends and bring premium European design influence to the North American market.”
Kelly Victor-Burke, Co-Founder/Majority Owner, Bespoke Closets & Organized Spaces

Bespoke Closets & Organized Spaces is in a unique position as part of an established millwork company in Michigan. The team has total fabrication, design, and creative control, which allows them to offer unique products and finishes for clients — and even pair materials from multiple sources.       

“Unlike other organized spaces companies which feature a small handful of surface material options, we research and then have the ability to offer our clients completely custom finish palettes,” says Victor-Burke.

Casa di Wilsonart.

Jenny O’Connor, the Design Director for Casa di Burke, wanted surface selections that would complement handmade elements in the space or stand alone as elegant main attractions. That’s why she and her team turned to Wilsonart. Luxury woodgrains from The LUJO® Collection and sleek, European-inspired THINSCAPE® Performance Tops kept the studio on theme while ensuring long-term performance.

“We were immediately drawn to the tactile quality, the resolution of the pattern, and the depth of color of The LUJO® Collection. Having the full suite of trim and crown molding available made a big difference, too.”

In Casa di Burke’s “Glam Closet” space, a luxurious interpretation of the classic American white closet was achieved with Hidden Springs Walnut from The LUJO® Collection. This calming, creamy-white woodgrain looks stunning alongside sophisticated décor, mirrors, and ambient lighting.

Black Hills Oak from The LUJO® Collection makes an appearance in the “Urban Closet” space at the studio. The look of rich, dark wood elevates rugged — yet beautifully refined — décor choices like handmade faux crocodile wall panels and a brass snake motif on the wall bed. 

“The Wilsonart surfaces we chose are functional, premium, and truly designer quality.”

Finally, the garage storage vignette was the perfect place to feature THINSCAPE® Performance Tops in the Black Amani design. This highly popular dark stone design offers modern European styling on countertops and backsplashes while withstanding the traditional performance demands of a garage. When paired with panels sourced from Italy and Spain, the striking appearance of Black Amani stands out as a centerpiece in the space.   

At only ½-inch thick, THINSCAPE® Performance Tops are also easy to fabricate and impact-resistant to ensure that even a garage can match a luxury aesthetic and perform long into the future. 

Creation through collaboration.

Everyone at Bespoke Closets & Organized Spaces is thrilled that Casa di Burke is a remarkable destination for clients. But Kelly Victor-Burke’s proudest memory from the project? Delivering the glamorous, European-inspired vision as a result of collaborative partnerships in the industry.

To stay up to date on the world of Bespoke Closets & Organized Spaces, find them on Instagram @bespoke_closets.     

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