Rethink Surface Possibilities with Wilsonart® at IWF 2022

Leading brand unveils groundbreaking surface innovations engineered to transform the woodworking world

TEMPLE, Texas (August 23, 2022) – Wilsonart, a world-class innovator of engineered surfaces, is transforming the woodworking world with engineered excellence, showcasing new possibilities and material replacement solutions that are readily available and delivered with industry-leading punctuality at the International Woodworking Fair (IWF) 2022. From curated selections to inventive custom design options, Wilsonart is defining the next era of high-performance projects. Whether seeking a sustainable manufacturing process, made-to-order possibilities or the latest evolution in solid color laminate, Wilsonart’s latest designs offer endless possibilities for countertops, cabinets, walls and everything in between.

“Transforming the woodworking world with engineered excellence requires an innovative mindset,” said Danielle Mikesell, global vice president of marketing and design at Wilsonart. “Our portfolio is prepared to perform with enhanced surface technology and unprecedented customization solutions to offer fabricators the tools they need to bring their visions to life, along with the confidence of knowing they have a partner that is committed to providing industry-leading technical support and expertise.”

Wilsonart’s innovative surfaces are suited for any environment and ready to perform for every project. Surface introductions taking center stage at this year’s IWF show include:

High Pressure Laminate Woodgrain Staining

For the first time, Wilsonart is bringing real wood and custom veneer staining ability to laminate and forever changing the design world with the introduction of its new Woodgrain Staining collection. This innovation within the Wilsonart® High Pressure Laminate (HPL) portfolio allows designers to achieve the look of stained wood or veneer in virtually any color desired. Blending versatile style and powerful technology, Wilsonart Woodgrain Staining offers never-before-seen customization of classic woodgrains, like oak and walnut, and allows designers to match any hue from a variety of color palettes. This customization is available through an easy three-step online ordering process with expedited delivery timelines of just a few weeks. Wilsonart also offers 28 pre-curated designs for those who desire a stained look but don’t need to achieve a color match. Combined with the high-performance durability of sustainable Wilsonart HPL, the collection vividly evokes the aesthetics of real wood and is ideal for commercial applications in high-traffic areas.

HPL Commercial & Traceless

The 2022 Commercial Launch from Wilsonart HPL offers enhanced design choices, innovative finishes and the performance needed for every project. Pairing high design with sustainable engineering that leads the industry, the collection features a wide color range from moody browns and greys to nostalgic pops of orange and red. With 27 new styles, Wilsonart HPL helps architects, designers, fabricators and manufacturers exceed expectations with extensive selections and cost-effective value. A focal point of the new offerings is the HPL Aligned Walnut – Wilsonart® HD® Premium Finish, a matte wood texture that mimics a natural walnut, creating a modern take on a classic wood species in essential colors. The grain is distinctive, modern, retro and luxe all at the same time, bringing a fresh lightness to the finish that makes an artistic statement.

Adding to its appeal, Wilsonart HPL products lead the laminate category in sustainable transparency as the first laminate manufacturer to earn the Declare label. On average, Wilsonart HPL uses 23% post-consumer recycled content, which is 2X more than any other leading laminate brand, making it one of the most innovative and environmentally friendly decorative surface materials on the market. With the new HPL Aligned Walnut Collection, designers have the ability to use a wide variety of colors and looks with better performance from a more sustainably sourced product than real wood veneer.

Expanding design possibilities even further, Wilsonart is introducing 10 new designs to its Traceless™ Laminate collection – one of the fastest-growing products at Wilsonart. Strategically designed to coordinate with the brand’s HPL offerings, these new ultra-matte, fingerprint-resistant designs inspire unique pairing possibilities with tactile perfection.

Wilsonart® Interiors

After a long season of casualization, many are looking to combine functionality with beauty and style. The new Wilsonart® Interiors collection is specifically designed to bring the magic of function balanced with beauty to both commercial and residential spaces. This curated collection of Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL) designs and finishes brings sophisticated style to the inside of cabinets, drawers and open storage spaces – making them as beautiful as they are functional. Inspired by natural woven textures, the collection adds a sense of refinement to open and closed cabinet storage, dressing spaces from the inside-out with a new level of detail. Not only does Wilsonart Interiors provide a solution for stylizing interior storage areas, but it can also be applied to open shelving in a kitchen or other central gathering areas.

Wilsonart Interiors’ soft textile and linen patterns are designed to coordinate with the full range of species, colors and deep, dimensional textures found in The LUJO® Collection. With dynamic textures that bring the tactile qualities of the natural world to indoor spaces, this wood-inspired collection is the essence of affordable luxury. Whether looking to create a nature-inspired theme with eco-friendly materials or a mid-century look with clean lines, Wilsonart Interiors offers designs that coordinate with today’s most sought-after styles.

New Leaf™ Matte Grain Finish

From homes to offices and commercial spaces, natural-looking materials are highly desired to add warmth and light to any space. New Leaf™ Performance Veneers, a Wilsonart company, is making it easier to achieve the authentic look, feel and texture of natural wood with the addition of a new matte grain finish available on many of its high-performance veneers. Offering the organic beauty of wood’s unique characteristics with the strength and durability of a high-performance veneer, the New Leaf matte grain finish provides a true grain look and feel that adds natural luster and appeal to enhance surface beauty for a rich, sensory experience.

New Leaf Performance Veneers are produced from reproductions of premium wood species and cuts, are FSC certified ensuring it meets the ultimate standard in eco-friendly forest products, and meet stringent emissions standards earning GREENGUARD Gold certification for low chemical emissions. New Leaf will expand its portfolio with additional designs later this year.

“At Wilsonart, we strive to be a destination brand for the surfaces fabricators want and the performance today’s spaces demand,” added Mikesell. “Let’s rethink surface possibilities - together.”

From custom color and custom design possibilities to authentic stone, wood and metal looks across a broad range of product types, the Wilsonart portfolio offers unlimited potential to engineer your vision. For more information about Wilsonart products and fabrication techniques, visit one of the live Fab-U instructional 15-minute sessions listed below (booth C1904) or online at

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Published at: 08-23-2022